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I worked in the features department on the original Queen  Magazine before branching out as a freelance journalist, contributing mainly to the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs and Radio Times.     I started writing children's books when my children were small and we lived on a tea estate in South India.  One of my books An Elephant for Muthu is set in an elephant camp we used to visit.  

I have had 30 books - fiction and  non-fiction - published  for children of varying ages, and for reading schemes both here and for Harcourt  in America.

I love anything to do with theatre, my book Shakespeare, Theatre Cat is set at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford where I used to work.   The  picture of the harassed press officer  in the muddly office who can 't find her phone until it rings is me!    I have also worked in a theatre school and looked after the late and great Emlyn Williams' publicity for his last London appearance.

Seeing my own words come alive on stage was a wonderful experience for me in 2015.  I  adapted my book The Sea Child into a play and it was performed by the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival, 2015, and also at the Mill Theatre, Guildford.    I have two musicals for children just  waiting for a tryout!

 For a number of years I have done school visits, combining talks with a workshop, sometimes based on one of my picture books Carter is a Painter's Cat.  The children make up and illustrate a new adventure for Carter, whose life is governed by an eccentric artist who paints him  afresh each day...   I like to to work with small groups, aged up to 10 and currently only at schools/libraries in the Guildford area.

Books by Carolyn Sloan

I have had 30 books published - some fact, mostly fiction for children of varying ages.

Carter is a Painter's Cat

Carter is painted afresh each day by absent minded artist, Mr Blob, - and then his adventure begins. 


A tough market dog has ambitions to become a guide dog. 

Skewer's Garden

Skewer a gypsy boy plans a garden - but Uncle Dreadnought ruined everything. 

The Evacuees

A play for 6 children about evacuees from different backgrounds in WW2 

Don't go Near the Water!

What secret lies deep in the lake that threatens Brendan and haunts his little sister? 

Mr Cogg and his Computer; Furthr Inventions of Mr Cogg: Mr Cogg and the Exploding Eater Eggs

A series of books about an eccentric inventor, his cat, Holy Mackerel and his crazy Aunt Lacey. 

The Mall Series

Four books about children's adventures and experiences working in a shopping mall. 

Victoria and the Crowded Pocket

Picture book about a baby kangaroo and her untidy mother 

An Incredible Journey

The story of Alcock and Brown's first flight across the Atlantic. 

The Sea Child

Sea-ghost novel for ages 8+ 

Shakespeare, Theatre Cat

A kitten left in a theatre grows into a knowledgeable theatre cat 

Helen Keller

Biography for children 

An Elephant for Muthu

A jungle novel set in South India 

The Penguin and the Vacuum Cleaner

An unlikely friendship develops... 

Nine Lives

A 'Twist in the Tale Book' about Zodiac, a cat who has written more than one autobiography... from