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My name is Ray Clark and I am an award winning, Yorkshire born author whose first big break came in 1998 with the publication of Manitou Man: The World of Graham Masterton (a biographical account of Masterton's work), nominated for both the World and British Fantasy Awards. It was my first big break into the world of publishing, which gave me the opportunity to work with two of the world's most recognised writers, the other being Peter James. Both have now become close personal friends.

Since then, my writing has been quite varied with publications covering short story collections, horror novels, stand alone cross genre novels, and ghostwriting autobiographies. I am also the author of the highly acclaimed IMP series, featuring detective's Gardener and Reilly in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds, soon to be released by my new publisher, The Book Folks.

Over the last forty years I have also spent a considerable amount of time in the music industry, working both in the UK and Europe as a guitar vocalist and with a number of bands. I also have experience of working in recording studios with my own albums, and in session for other musicians. Nowadays I divide my time between writing books and working live on the music scene, and helping to raise money for the OPA (the Oesophageal Patients Association), a charity I feel very close to.

I have taken part in a number of panels at festivals and many school engagements. I am available for talks and conferences, creative writing classes, as well my musical experiences. My usual audience is late teens and adults but I'm also talking to a slightly younger age group.

One of things I really enjoy at the moment is working with an independent film production company called Edge Waes. All the trailers for my books, and any filmed and radio interviews can be found on his website courtesy of Edge Waes. I am Based in East Yorkshire, and I'm more than happy to travel up to a fifty miles radius for any bookings.

For more information, photographs, interview opportunities, please contact me via this site, my own website, or through my publisher, Erik Empson of The Book Folks.



Books by Ray Clark

ISBN-10: 1090188838
Ryder On The Storm

Ryder On The Storm

When builder Terry Johnson spots what he thinks is a bargain he can’t resist but to succumb to temptation. The large, detached house stands on the side of a railway track and would be perfect for his needs … and it’s cheap! But Billington Manor has a very tainted history, and the grounds upon which it stands were part of an unsolved murder back in the 1850s. Terry is about to discover that the road to hell is not always paved with good intentions.Based upon a true incident, Ryder On The Storm is a stand-alone supernatural crime novella from the author of the IMP series, featuring desk sergeant Maurice Cragg. 
ISBN-10: 1519369700


Salem: 1691 - height of the famous Witch Trails. Innocent people are being executed for no reason. Elizabeth Burroughs, wife of the reverend George is one of them. But George isn't so innocent. He too is caught and hung. But what was he doing before he was apprehended? In present day England, Martin and Sue Hawthorne have their own antique business in a typical Yorkshire Dales village. The appearance of a mysterious stranger, dressed entirely in black sets Martin's nerves on edge, especially when he leaves a strange object before disappearing. Following the meeting, a trail of devastation sweeps the village, deaths so horrific and without apparent motive, they leave the police baffled, especially when they all lead to back one couple, Martin and Sue Hawthorne. George's curse – it seems – is still active, and the couple face a terrifying ordeal - a fight to the death for their survival. 
ISBN-10: 1519535155
A Devil's Dozen

A Devil's Dozen

...Southern Ireland: standing derelict in a field, the remains of a gloomy mansion with a terrifying secret ... In a North London antique shop a criminal finds something we’d all like to see, which turns out to be the last thing he wants ... When an alien experiment goes wrong, the outcome is apocalyptic … and a visit to Lapland reveals that Father Christmas isn’t what you think he is... A Devil’s Dozen is a collection of 13 short stories from the pen of the acclaimed award winning author, Ray Clark, whose horror novels include, The Priest’s Hole and Calix. 
ISBN-10: 151863785X
A Detective's Dozen

A Detective's Dozen

...Harrogate, North Yorkshire, a locked room mystery that remained unsolved for twenty years ... Hollywood, a private detective with a difference ends up with more than he bargained for ... London: witness a ghost still seeking revenge for a crime committed nearly two hundred years ago ... Brest, Brittany, we discover an unusual collector who inhabits lonely country lanes after dark … Leeds, West Yorkshire, another locked room mystery in the City Library, a building with a very dark secret...