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I’m a Yorkshire based children’s educational author who also spends a good chunk of the year in the USA and Europe.  I’ve brought up two kids of my own, contributed towards educating hundreds of others during my career as a primary school teacher/deputy headteacher and I’ve still managed to live to tell the tale!  Now I enjoy visiting schools to run whole school assemblies and interactive workshops for KS1 and KS2 pupils. I’ve listed some recommendations below, but please feel free to visit my website to browse for more. You’ll find that I’m frequently invited back 😀👍

Beech Grove Primary School, Middlesbrough. October 2019

Our children enjoyed our day with Jane so much!  They loved the workshops, based on her books, that introduced our children to fun activities and inspiring themes.  Thanks so much Jane!

Kerry Parks


Whinney Banks Primary School, Middlesbrough. November 2018

It was a pleasure to have Jane in school. The children were thoroughly engaged and enthused by her passion for stories and reading. They were fascinated by her inspiration for her books. She worked across the primary age range including taking whole school assemblies. Her sessions in class were a great success as Jane adapted each session to suit the age range. Her work with our KS2 SEND children was superb – they were so enthused about their learning. Jane also offered a book signing and was excellent value for money. It was a great learning experience for everyone!

Sandy Thorpe, Headteacher


Alanbrooke Primary School, North Yorkshire.  November 2018

Following on from her visit in the summer, it was lovely to to have Jane Clack, our very own local children’s author re-visit our school yesterday to give the children a sneaky preview of her latest book.  As it’s not going to be released until next year WE’VE BEEN SWORN TO SECRECY!!


It was lovely to have Jane in school, bringing her enthusiasm and passion for stories and sharing this with our children. She worked with all age groups (from Rec to Y6), creating purposeful and memorable pieces of work that we used to follow up after she had left. We would highly recommend Jane if you are looking to enhance story writing in your school and would love to invite her back in to our school again in the future.

Pippa Todd, Headteacher


Marton Cum Grafton Primary School, North Yorkshire. November 2017

As part of our “Anti-bullying Week”, we were delighted to welcome Jane back to our school to deliver bespoke lessons to each of our classes. Each session was highly-engaging and made clever and very relevant use of her book, Hilda the Hippo, to address the theme of bullying. She had a real rapport with the children, who thoroughly enjoyed their time with her. Thank you, Jane, for a great day.

Cundall Manor School, North Yorkshire, November 2017

A leading local children’s author visited Cundall Manor School this week to talk about writing and her latest books.

Jane Clack, from Thirsk, delivered a series of masterclasses to over 80 pupils from Years 3 – 6 as she discussed how she creates her popular children’s books.

Excited children gathered around Mrs Clack as she entertained pupils with stories about where she developed her love of writing and the inspiration behind many of her stories.

Mrs Clack said: “I always wanted to be an author. Ever since I was a child I was a bookworm. My grandfather used to tell me stories while I was sat on his knee and my love of story-telling started from then.”

She added: “The workshops are a great way to do what I really love; writing and sharing it with children.”

Books by Jane Clack

Hilda the Hippo Who Didn’t Like Being Different

Hilda the Hippo Who Didn’t Like Being Different

Hilda the Hippo is sad because she feels different to the others. Her friends all tell her that they love her just the way she is. This is a light-hearted, amusing story for young children which also carries a very serious message. "It's okay to be you. True friends love you just the way you are!" In addition to telling a heart-warming story, this book also contains a useful non-fiction educational section.  
The Discombobulator

The Discombobulator

The Discombobulator is the ultimate prankster! His naughty spells leave all the creatures that he meets strangely transformed and utterly confused. Is there anyone who is clever enough to stop him and teach him a lesson? This is a funny and beautifully illustrated story for young children which also carries a simple but important message. Treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated. Check out the engaging non-fiction section and the silly jokes at the back of this book!  
Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown

Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown

Lonesome Lawrie is an unusual creature who lives in an equally bizarre land. Poor Lawrie has a tricky problem which he needs to resolve. To do this he must set out on a difficult and dangerous quest. But in search of what? Also includes a comprehensive and useful section. Look out for its sequel, Lonesome Lawrie - A Strange New World “If you are looking for a classic quest, full of invention and craziness, weird worlds and lively language ... this is the one for you.” Alan Gibbons. Award winning writer.  
Lonesome Lawrie - A Strange New World

Lonesome Lawrie - A Strange New World

In this book (the sequel to Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown), our intrepid hero must once again embark on a perilous mission where he confronts a whole new set of foes and which takes him to a strange new world, culminating in a confrontation with perhaps his most terrifying antagonist of all! But who must he rescue? And why? Also includes a comprehensive and useful educational section. Here “we have a new quest, more linguistic invention and word play ... the perfect ingredients for another completely weird, wacky and enjoyable adventure for kids.” Alan Gibbons. Award winning writer.  
Oscar the Osprey

Oscar the Osprey

One day poor little Oscar wakes up to find that his mother has gone - he’s lonely, scared and hungry. What will he do? Oscar the Osprey is a picture book which can either be read aloud to a younger child or read independently by a slightly older child. Irrelevant of age, all children will enjoy the lively illustrations, rhyme, meter and repetition. Whilst narrating a good story, this book can also be used as a teaching resource, as it includes a facts page and multi-curricular discussion points.  


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