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Because my own ideas for stories develop from my drawings, then I love to draw with children. I bring my sketchbooks and make drawings with them- starting with demonstrating my characters and gradually encouraging children to design their own. We make a lot of noise, draw a lot of pictures and most of all, have a lot of fun. See here for images of previous visits (all photos posted with permission!) https://rosiewellesley.com/school-events


When I have done longer 2-3 day residencies at schools I come with lesson plans for EYFS and KS1, usually based around designing characters and stories. We do group activity projects (and we can get quite messy). Before I visit I like to contact teachers to make sure the sessions are tailored to what the children need to focus on. I am happy to do assemblies, and help with display boards. If teachers are keen for children to be able to buy signed copies, then I will try and liaise with local independent bookshops to arrange selling of my books in school. 


My other day job is being a doctor (GP), and as such have full DBS. One of my books deals with eczema, which 1 in 5 children under the age of 5 years experience. I am particularly keen in abolishing health stigma in my work as a picture book maker.


Reviews of visits:

"[Rosie's] approach was so fantastic, and it was wonderful to see so many people totally engaged in what was happening for the full workshop"  Caroline Moore, Great Ormond Street Hospital Arts

"This amazing book was brought to life by Rosie sharing it with our Year 1 pupils. The drawings, pupil engagement and involvement are just right for Infant pupils. You could hear them roar in the next town!"  Sarah,  a teacher at Laurence Haines School, Watford

"Miss Rosie your good at raytingntling [sic]. And I love your drawing. And I want you to read a story."  Ayesha, aged 6

Books by Rosie Wellesley

Gentle, brightly illustrated picture books inspired by the natural world.

ISBN-10: 184365198X
The Very Helpful Hedgehog

The Very Helpful Hedgehog

Isaac is a hedgehog who has only ever been alone - and that is the way he likes it. One day an apple falls from a tree and sticks onto the spines on his back. He wiggles and jiggles, but he cannot get it off. As he struggles to remove the apple, help comes in the unexpected form of a donkey who cannot reach the apples which fall outside of his paddock. Isaac learns that it is better to have a friend and to be helpful than to be on your own all of the time. Ideal for age range: 3-6 years. As read on CBEEBIES Book At Bedtime. 
ISBN-13: 978-1843653
Wide-Awake Hedgehog

Wide-Awake Hedgehog

Isaac, the lovable hedgehog, isn't sleepy. In fact, he's quite the opposite - he's wide awake and wants to play. However, autumn is coming and all his little friends want to go into hibernation. They are so sleepy and struggling to keep their eyes open! Isaac tries to call on everyone he knows, but the only person who will play with him is an invisible friend. Will the games with his friend be enough to tire him out for a long, long sleep? As read on CBEEBIES Book At Bedtime. 
ISBN-10: 1843652927
Moonlight Bear

Moonlight Bear

A gentle soothing story for young children at bedtime with lovely soft artwork by the popular illustrator of The Very Helpful Hedgehog and The Very Best Sheepdog. A special glow-in-the-dark moon on the cover adds to the fun. Eva drifts off to sleep with her favourite teddy bear. When she wakes in the night. Bear is gone. She looks all over her room only to find that her teddy has turned into a real bear. Bear takes Eva on an adventure around the town at night. They play, have fun and see other children with their animals while they are out. After rushing home before sunrise, Eva falls back to sleep. Was it all a dream? 
ISBN-10: 1843653680
The Itchy-saurus

The Itchy-saurus

Something is stirring in the dinosaur jungle it s Itchy-saurus. His itchy, scratchy skin is making him bad-tempered. Can Doc Bill (the Platypus) help Itchy to calm down perhaps with some lovely soothing cream? Rosie Wellesley's latest book is a tale packed with jokes and fun (and dinosaurs), but it also addresses a serious issue. Although we do not know if dinosaurs had eczema, 20% of children do, and this book is perfect for reassuring them that they are not alone. 
The Very Hungry Hedgehog

The Very Hungry Hedgehog

Isaac the Hedgehog has had a long winter sleep. He's just woken up and is having a bad hair day (well, you try looking perfect when you've been asleep for four months!). He's also very hungry and in search of food. But every time he finds something to eat another creature gets there first. And when hedgehog himself becomes the target of a bigger animal's appetite, will his spikes save him from becoming someone else's breakfast? Rosie Wellesley's beautiful illustrations capture all the joy and bounty of spring, its bright colours, optimism and hope. 
The Very Best Sheepdog

The Very Best Sheepdog

A gentle story about friendship and perseverance that is perfect for parents and children to share together * Illustrated by the acclaimed author/illustrator of The Very Helpful Hedgehog (978-1-843651-987), shortlisted for the Junior Magazine New Talent Award 2013 and as seen on CBEEBIES Bedtime Stories. * A heart-warming tale about nature and farming With high-flying, prize-winning parents, Ben the sheepdog has got a lot to live up to. However, he is the most hopeless sheepdog on the farm. He tries so hard to get it right, but keeps getting everything wrong. One day he makes friends with a lamb and they have a wonderful time together playing 'sniff and seek'. However, this unsuitable friendship makes him the laughing stock of the farm. One evening, a storm comes and scares all the sheep away onto the hill. They are lost and visibility is poor, so the farmer sends Ben off to find them because of his good nose. As read on CBEEBIES Lunchtime Story.