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“The whole visit was a brilliant experience for our school.”

“A literary experience not to be missed.”

“The perfect way to engage reluctant readers.”

“Ed is a consummate story teller and his lively, madcap stories have universal appeal.”

“Some have even begun writing stories at home as a result.”

(Full references and copy of enhanced CRB provided to all schools)


I love visiting schools. It's great to see the children totally immersed in my stories, and then - even better - to hear them coming up with so many ideas of their own.

In my best year to date, I visited 26 primary schools, presented to 5,700 children and signed 4,500 books.

I have one major aim for all visits: the children should feel more excited about reading and writing after I've visited.

I have written sixteen books for 8-12 year olds.  Eleven of these are novels, but what children love best are my books of crazy short stories: the Wicked Tales series (up to Wicked Tales Five now).

I mainly work with KS2 in primary schools, but I also provide separate KS1 sessions. Most schools want a session that combines lively storytelling with some ideas on reading and writing - usually with some imagination exercises built in.

I also provide creative writing workshops and powerpoint presentations of how I collaborate with my illustrators. 

I can enthuse all children: well-behaved or the opposite; those from families that read and from families that don't; high-achieving or not.  Schools tell me I have a big impact on boys and reluctant readers.

I HAVE TWO WAYS OF CHARGING. I have been a teacher and don't like using school literacy budgets that should be spent on books, so I prefer to earn my fee through sales. I usually don't charge at all for schools in Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Hampshire or Berkshire: I sell enough books to make this unnecessary.  Where the school is more than an hour away, we can either agree a flat fee based on the Society of Authors scale, or a greatly reduced fee subject to satisfactory arrangements for selling my books at the school.  

I also make follow up visits to some schools and run projects with them (eg publishing a school's book of stories).

Books by Ed Wicke

I have written sixteen books so far, with more on the way! Some of them are adventure, some are fantasy, one is historical fiction, and there are five books full of wonderfully funny short stories, the Wicked Tales series.

The Adventures of SuperBaby

Life is exciting when you’re a SUPER baby with powers nobody knows about. 

Wicked Tales

Nine crazy stories - from Alicroc the Alien through to Snow White and the 7 Easter Bunnies (armed and dangerous). 

Wicked Tales Two: Even Wickeder Tales

Six more crazy stories... The bad tooth fairy, gangster rats, ogres and much more. 

Wicked Tales Three: The Witch's Library

And yet more wild stories! Bad Santa, Billy the bully, Good puppy & evil kitten... and so many more! 

Wicked Tales Four: Worlds of Adventure

A fourth book of wonderfully crazy short stories. 

Wicked Tales Five: The Grimm Selection

Another book of wonderfully crazy short stories! 

The Unicorn, the Princess and the Boy

A book for ages 6-9 

Billy Jones, King of the Goblins

Billy wakes up at midnight on his 10th birthday, and finds his room is full of goblins.... 

Mattie and the Highwaymen

Historical fiction set in the 1840s in Hampshire, including the last of the highwaymen and the Andover workhouse. 


A stammering boy, a talking cat, and a plan to save all the cats in England from an evil scientist... 

Akayzia Adams and the Masterdragon's Secret

Akayzia finds an animal from another world in a zoo... sets it free... goes back to its own world of magic and adventure. 

Akayzia Adams and the Mirrors of Darkness

In the school of magic there are suddenly some mirrors you can walk through... but you don't come back. 

The Muselings

The Game of Pirate

An exciting tale of pirates, treasure, treachery and adventure: all somehow tangled up with the loss of the Curchan Ruby and an unusual board game, the Game of Pirate. 


A book that's serious about bullying... but CRAZY in all other ways.