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Isabel Thomas

Science writer, children's author and journalist
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  • Shortlisted for the Association of Science Education Book of the Year 2021, 2017
  • Shortlisted for Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2016
  • Shortlisted for Blue Peter Book Awards 2011
  • Shortlisted English 4-11 Picture Book Award 2019
  • Winner AAAS Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books 2020



About me

I am a science writer, children's book author and journalist for children's science magazines Whizz Pop Bang and The Week Junior Science+Nature. I also write for outreach projects such as Oxford University’s Parents for STEM Futures, inspiring children from diverse backgrounds to pursue science careers.

With more than 150 published titles, there is a book in my repertoire to delight every child, from the lyrical and atmospheric Moth: An Evolution Story and the quirky Little Guides to Great Lives series, to the irreverent This Book is Not Rubbish and This Book Will (Help) Cool the Climate

My **DIGITAL** talks and workshops

I love running creative, curriculum-linked events for schools, libraries and festivals. I have adapted two of my live events into action-packed virtual events, perfect for World Book Day week or science week celebrations!

- Exploring the Elements – children are invited to dive into the exciting world of chemistry all around us, and learn how to use kitchen 'chemicals' (foods) to create neon-bright artworks! (KS2/KS3) 
- Moth: An Evolution Story – children are invited to explore the incredible, hidden world of moths, learn how I wrote this award-winning picture book, and get tips for creating their own creative non-fiction at school or home. (KS1/KS2/KS3)

What schools say

“Pupils enjoyed a VIP visit from author Ms Isabel Thomas, on World Book Day, who ran inspirational workshops and activities with the girls. Pre-prep pupils were captivated with story-telling.”
– St Mary’s School, Cambridge

"Thank you so much for your amazing hard work and preparation for the fantastic three events today. It was so lovely to see all the children and teachers enjoying it."
– Little Ealing Primary School, London

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you, and the children (and teachers) had a great time.”
– Kingshott School, Hitchin

“Even some of my reluctant writers have shown renewed enthusiasm for writing since.”
– St Peter’s School, St Albans

My fees for virtual visits

I have strived to make my virtual events super affordable for schools. Each virtual event is £50, including 20 to 30 minutes of personalized Q&A content. 

Books by Isabel Thomas

Auhtor of Moth: An Evolution Story, Fox: A Circle of Life Story, Exploring the Elements, This Book is Not Rubbish, the Little Guides to Great Lives series and dozens more books for readers of all ages
Moth: An Evolution Story

Moth: An Evolution Story

Winner AAAS/Subaru Excellence in Science Books 2020 This remarkable retelling of the story of the peppered moth is the perfect introduction to natural selection and evolution for children. 
Fox: A Circle of Life Story

Fox: A Circle of Life Story

In the frost-covered forest of early spring, fox is on a mission to find food for her three cubs. As they grow, she teaches them how to survive in the wild. Until one day, fox dies. Her body goes back to earth and grass and air, nourishing the world around her and bringing the forest to life. Death is not just an end, it's also a beginning. Fox: A Circle of Life Story unites story and science to explain this big concept to children who have lost a pet or a loved one, or who simply are curious about death and what happens after we die.  
Exploring the Elements

Exploring the Elements

This artful and accessible guide to the periodic table ― the ultimate reference tool for scientists worldwide ― names all 118 chemical elements and helps young readers understand the remarkable ways we have learned to use them. Graphically stunning layouts feature each element's letter symbol and atomic number, exploring its attributes, characteristics, uses, and interesting stories behind its discovery. Complete with a comprehensive introduction, conclusion, and glossary, this is the perfect introduction to chemistry for inquisitive minds. 
This Book is Not Rubbish

This Book is Not Rubbish

A BookTrust pick for 2020 Discover how YOU can ditch plastic, reduce rubbish and become an eco-warrior, not an eco-worrier, with 50 practical tips to really make a difference! Our planet is in peril and it needs your help! But the good news is that there are loads of easy ways that you can make a difference. From throwing a planet party and ditching straws, to banning glitter and becoming an art-activist, helping to save the planet is not as difficult as you think. Covering issues like plastics, pollution, global warming and endangered animals, this book is full of top tips for kids and families. Discover how to ditch the plastic, reduce your rubbish and start making everyday steps that will make all the difference. It's time to take control of your future and help clear the world of all this rubbish! 
Fox: A Circle of Life Story

Fox: A Circle of Life Story

Fox: A Circle of Life Story is the follow-up to the award-winning Moth: An Evolution Story. written by Isabel Thomas and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. “For five-plus, from Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus comes the poignant, essential Fox: A Circle of Life Story (Bloomsbury) … Thomas’s simple, direct language, with just the right degree of poetic resonance, pairs powerfully with Egnéus’s rust-vivid, atmospheric images; this is the perfect book for talking to children about death.” – The Guardian 
Little Guides to Great Lives

Little Guides to Great Lives

From artists to aviators and scientists to revolutionaries, Little Guides to Great Lives is a brand new series of small-format guides introducing children to the most inspirational figures from history in a fun, accessible way.