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Hello there!  My name is Alicia L. Wright and I write comic fantasy because reality is quite serious and boring and I like to poke fun at the things I love.  Some of the things I love are folklore, fairy tales and mythology.  I'm forever searching for new ones to read and to parody.

In addition to writing I also draw a webcomic for fun called Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales. 

I have experience giving speeches, writing workshops, panel talks, lessons, etc.  I have approximately two and a half years of teaching experience, teaching to various ages and nationalities, as an English as a Foreign Language teacher.

My current workshop focuses on writing tips based both on research and 'writing what you know'. If you would like to see an example lesson plan, please contact me. I can tailor the plan to fit in with a theme if asked.

Besides the obvious, I can give talks on topics such as studying abroad, foreign travel in general, Japan, farm life, graphic design and volunteering.  

I live in Merseyside and am prepared to travel long distances providing my expenses are paid.

In addition to fairies and vampires and whatnot I also know quite a bit about Japan because my major was Japanese.  My minor was Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I am very keen on getting children to read and write.  This sounds like a pointless addition I'm sure, but hear me out.  When I was in my final year of university I was diagnosed with literate dyslexia.  It's a mild form of dyslexia and what it mostly does is interfere with my second language learning.  I was told by the woman who tested me that the reason it had so little effect on my English was that I had read so much as a child.  Obviously I am not a dyslexia specialist and I can't say for certain how much effect it has/had, but it gives me that extra reason to get children reading.   

I always have one weekday free, so short notice bookings are welcome.

My fees are £100 for a half day, £200 for a full day, plus travel expenses. I charge £50 for a single workshop and speech.  

Books by Alicia L. Wright

I write comic fantasy books. My current series, Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales, is set a series of magical worlds interconnected by invisible doors where everywhere lives by the rules of stories. It's inhabited by fairies, dragons, elves, yokai and any other folklore creature you care to name. Oh, and there are vampires. Lots of vampires. The Stollenheims get everywhere.
Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster

Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster

YA comic fantasy about a girl who becomes the 'Goddess of Puddings' by accident. Finding herself in Asgard, she meets gods from various pantheons and not all of them are friendly... 
Miss Prince

Miss Prince

A comic fantasy about a girl who gets a job as a fairytale prince. Her agency keeps running out of real ones... 
The Map is the Treasure

The Map is the Treasure

Joshua got caught in a story and he's now adrift on a world that is almost entirely covered in ocean, full of mermaids, pirates, excitement and adventure. Whether he likes it or not. 
Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland

Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland

Fairyland has collapsed into civil war. Tyrian needs to do something about it, fast. He's got some magical artefacts to hide, a family to rescue and a adviser with a bad case of Grand Vizier to stop. 
Magic and Other Things in Bottles

Magic and Other Things in Bottles

Victor is shy. Which is a bit of an understatement, but it sounds so much better than 'terrified of humanity'. His mother has always kept him away from humans, which is a drawback for a vampire. It's difficult to bite people you won't stay in the same room as for more than five seconds. So when he turns up at his cousin's wedding sporting the tell tale signs of mana deprivation, his family decides to intervene.  
Fairy Roots

Fairy Roots

Will has taken a gap year to find his roots, which most people assume means he's related to a tree. This is because he's taking his gap year in Fairyland, where it's entirely possible. His mother used to tell him stories about how it was a terrible place where monsters were waiting to gobble him up. It was really no way to discourage a small boy. He's on a quest to find his changeling great-grandmother, soak up the culture and put off getting a proper job for another year. Armed with a hooded cloak to hide his ears, a bag of props and his love of Shakespeare, he lands himself the position of court jester, for King Tyrian. But after a lifetime of longing, his co-workers don't seem to like him, his mother was right about the monsters, his boss has a crush on him, and he's no idea what to do about any of it. He really did his research, but no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, even if you really like the enemy and don't want to have to run screaming from them... An LGBT+ romance. Also, it’s got a vampire in it. I hope that won’t put anyone off too much.