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  • Winner Southampton's Favourite Book Award
  • Winner English 4-11 Best Children's Book
  • Nottinghamshire's Brilliant Book Award
  • Shortlisted for: Manchester Book Award
  • Stockton Book of the Year Award
  • Cheshire Schools Book Award
  • Staffordshire Book Award
  • Winner Bolton Book Award
  • Portsmouth Book Award
  • Concorde Book Award
  • Leeds Book Award


My talks are a light-hearted mixture of anecdotes and advice about writing stories, finding ideas and what happens when a book gets published. I also offer writing workshops to show children fresh approaches to creating stories and poems. As an ex head teacher and Senior Lecturer in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University I am very used to speaking to large (and small) groups of all ages. I regularly visit schools up and down the country and can honestly say that meeting young readers is the part of the job that I love most of all!

My fees are based on the Society of Authors recommended rates.

Recent Feedback:
Thank you, Steve for coming to talk to Year Nine students and run lots of creative writing workshops across the key stages. It’s great to have someone with your expertise in for a longer period of time than usual.In the students’ words, you inspired them.
Pam Benjamin, Librarian, Backwell School.
A final, huge thank-you f or all your work, encouragement and lovely company. We all appreciate it so much and the students have come back bouncy and enthused!
Helen Pike, Head of English, Solihull School.
Your enthusiasm was infectious and the number of staff - teaching and non-teaching - who popped into the library this evening to say thanks for a brilliant day was really rewarding.
Sian MacDonald, English Co-ordinator, St Stephens School, Bath
Thanks once again for an inspiring visit. Please come again!
Stephen Bull, Librarian, The Gryphon School, Dorset.

Books by Steve Voake

The Starlight Conspiracy

The Starlight Conspiracy

Alone and on the run, 14 year old Berry has nowhere to go. Until she meets and old man who entrusts her with a mysterious item that he claims has unbelievable powers 


Kier West - unarmed and dangerous. His father's been murdered, the police want to arrest him and the bad guys are going to kill him. It's time to fight back... 
The Dreamwalker's Child

The Dreamwalker's Child

A fantasy adventure where giant insects are flown into battle by young pilots 
Daisy Dawson

Daisy Dawson

Every morning Daisy the daydreamer swings down the lane to Nettlegreen Primary School, saying hello to the animals she meets along the way. But imagine her surprise when one day they start to talk back... 
Maxwell Mutt and the Downtown Dogs

Maxwell Mutt and the Downtown Dogs

Maxwell Mutt might be small, but his heart is big and the city is full of adventure. When he hears the call of a friend in need, he teams up with Restreppo the retired police-dog, Mr B the homely bulldog and Madison the angry poodle to find her. 
Blood Hunters

Blood Hunters

They know where you are. When a team of scientists explore the world's deepest lake, what they discover could wipe out mankind... 
Hooey Higgins and the Shark

Hooey Higgins and the Shark

Like sharks? Like pants? Like to see a shark IN pants? Read this book and you...might! 
Insect Detective

Insect Detective

All around you, thousands of tiny insects are doing strange and wonderful things. But insects can be hard to see - unless you're an insect detective, that is!