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Fiction 4-11, Fiction for children, Fiction 5-9, Non-fiction for children


"Thank you for empowering children's love of reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and have planned projects in class inspired by the day. Highly recommended." - Jenny Boyle - Sandilands Primary, Manchester. 

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my profile...

I've written over 100 books for Primary School aged children (including some of the popular Project X books) and I love visiting schools to share my passion for stories, reading and writing. I work with all Primary School Aged Children so your Whole School will be able to take part. My sessions are designed to motivate young readers and writers and I've visited hundreds of schools in Great Britain (and abroad including Switzerland, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Poland) so it doesn't matter how near or how far away you are... I will be delighted to come along.

I'm very flexible with what I do in school and am more than happy to work with you to fit in with your school's needs and what you want to achieve. As a rough guide, I generally offer two types of session. These are flexible and can be combined throughout the day...

Session type 1 - Performance 

A fun and lively mixture of storytelling and chat with sessions suitable for children from Nursery to year 6. 

These sessions work equally well with single classes or much larger groups.

As well as sharing stories and poems, I talk about different aspects of writing; from getting ideas, editing and drafting to what it's like being an author. Audiences get the chance to see books and stories in progress and get an insight into how a book is made - generating ideas, drafting, editing, reworking and even the illustrations and layout.

Although structured, these sessions are very flexible so it allows each one to be unique to the group I'm working with and ensures that the children get as much from the sessions as possible. Children (and adults) always have lots of questions to ask and I'm happy to answer any and all that I can as the session goes along. I have found that this helps to make every session different and interesting to each individual and helps create a real buzz.

Length of session - 20/30 minutes for Nursery, 30/45 minutes for Reception, 45/60 minutes (or more) for other year groups.

Number of children - From a single class to a very large group. 

Location - A suitable classroom, library, or hall.

Materials - A table for my books etc.


Session type 2 - Fiction Writing Workshop

I really enjoy working with a class to create characters and build up a story together and it's great to see the children's confidence increase as the sessions (suitable for children from Reception to Year 6) progress. 

Starting with a blank sheet, the children get to see the whole story writing process - from getting the initial idea to writing and editing etc - it also gives them complete ownership of what they have produced and a real sense of achievement. I'm also more than happy to work on a specific area of writing or on a topic or theme if it fits in with what you are doing in school.

Length of session - 1 hour minimum (the maximum time is completely up to you). It's great being able to work with a class for a whole day...

Number of children - preferably a single class.

Materials - Ideally and interactive white board that I can write on with the interactive pen. This means that whatever I do can be saved so you can continue to work on it later if you like. (Alternatively, a flipchart with paper or a normal whiteboard.)

Location - A suitable classroom. 

Writing Workshop - Non-fiction

In my non-fiction sessions I work with a class to look at the writing of non-fiction books. We discuss the difference between fiction and non-fiction and the ways in which we can conduct research for non-fiction texts. 

Using a selection of non-fiction texts that I bring with me we discuss and list our existing knowledge of a subject and then work in groups to conduct that will either confirm or disprove what we thought we knew - e.g. do Vikings wear horned helmets? etc. I encourage children to compile some facts that can then be presented as a non-fiction text or can be used creatively to write a piece of fiction - e.g. a diary account that incorporates what we have learned. 


What people have said...


Sarah Holden Retweeted EastergateCEPri

"Fantastic in all aspects. Thank you Damian, all our pupils enjoyed your assembly and workshops. Staff very impressed too." - Alison Barrett - Kingshot School, Hitchin.
"Thank you for empowering children's love of reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and have planned projects in class inspired by the day. Highly recommended." - Jenny Boyle - Sandilands Primary, Manchester. 


"Thank you to the amazing @DamianJHarvey who came to our school to celebrate World Book Day 2018! I have never heard so much laughter around school - my favourite World Book Day yet!" Sarah Holden - Eastergate Primary School.



"Thank you very much for a fantastic day in school. We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from children, staff and parents. Everyone enjoyed the high energy delivery of the workshops. Your input on the day was the best possible way to promote the opening of our new school library and stimulate reading in school."   Mr P Mansfield - High Oakham Primary. 


"We have never laughed so much! you were fun, a fantastic storyteller, and amazingly grabbed everyone's attention from Reception to Year Six. The children were excited, inspired amd thrilled by your stories. Your enthusiasm as an author certainly rubbed off on them. Everyone was delighted with your author sessions and your great talent for storytelling and sharing anecdotes. in a comical way that made everyone double up with laughter. This is certainly a visit that will be hard to forget. Once again, and enormous thank you for visiting our school."      Gail Courtney - Primary Coordinator, Haut-Lac Internation Bilingual School, Switzerland.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the inspiring workshops that you presented to the children at Unicorn. A fun time was had by all and I know that we will be very happy to recommend you to other schools."       Natalie Crowe - Unicorn Primary School, Bromley.


I have public liability insurance - £10 million

I also have a current Enhanced DBS Certificate

Event feedback

Fantastic in all aspects. Thank you Damian, all our pupils enjoyed your assembly and workshops. Staff very impressed too.

Alison Barrett (Kingshott School Pre-Prep and Nursery, Hitchin, Hertfordshire )

Thank you for empowering children's love of reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and have planned projects in class inspired by the day. Highly recommended.

Jenny Boyle (Sandilands Primary School)

Books by Damian Harvey

Damian has written over 100 books for Primary aged children including titles for Project X, Collins Big Cats and lots more...

The Flight Of Icarus

The Flight Of Icarus

The story of Icarus and Daedalus and their daring but ill-fated escape from Crete after being imprisoned by King Minos. 
Prince Rama and the Demon King

Prince Rama and the Demon King

In this retelling of the Diwali story, we join a family who are celebrating Diwali and learn about Rama's greatest adventure, defeating the demon king. A story full of action adventure and magic. 
A New Home In Space

A New Home In Space

When Theo and his family move to a new home on a space station he worries that things are going to be very diiferent and he might not fit in at his new school. 
The Disastrous Dentist

The Disastrous Dentist

Oliver Payne has a real talent for fixing teeth and soon finds himself in great demand with celebrities and their pampered pets. What could possibly go wrong? 
The Awful Astronaut

The Awful Astronaut

Sam Jomes has always wanted to be an astronaut but it's not as easy as he thought... 
History Heroes Neil Armstrong

History Heroes Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was involved in one of the most memorable events of the twentieth century - the moon landing! 
History Heroes - Christopher Columbus

History Heroes - Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus sailed the seas in search of the perfect trade route - find out how his life and explorations helped to change the world! 
King MIdas

King MIdas

In this retelling of the Greek myth, King Midas learns what true value means when his greed robs him of everything that he holds most dear. 
The Blitz Baby

The Blitz Baby

During a bombing of Plymouth in World War 2, a German plane is shot down near Jenny and Thomas's house. They long to investigate, but they hear something and decide to investigate first. They are soon in grave danger, needing help from the last source they would expect. 
Smelly Socks and Terrible Tangles

Smelly Socks and Terrible Tangles

In Smelly Socks and Terrible Tangles, Yan meets a mysterious sock-eater and Nelly gets a bird's-eye view of hair care. Find out where all the missing socks go and what happens if you never brush your hair. 
Victoria (Hostory Heroes

Victoria (Hostory Heroes

A perfect introduction to Queen Victoria - especially for Year 2. 


Damian Harvey - first image
Damian Harvey - first image