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Marcelo Staricoff

Author, University Lecturer and Primary Headteacher
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As an experienced teacher and headteacher and creator of the Joy of the Not Knowing philosophy of education, of teaching and of school leadership, I visit many schools nationally and internationally and lead professional development days for schools and regularly speak at conferences.

The sessions for schools are all designed in a bespoke way to ensure that they meet the needs and wishes of every school and enrich their current practice and provision based on every school's unique ethos, vision and values.

The days are designed to enable the children from Nursery to Year 13 to experience and think about the process of learning from an angle that transforms the way they then feel about themselves as learners and the enthusiasm with which they then approach learning and thrive when they find themselves in situations of not-knowing, uncertainty and finding things difficult. 

The sessions and/or assemblies and or/staff meetings provide excellent professional development and offer the schools a wealth of practical ideas to use to inspire children's love of learning, creative thinking, philosophical enquiry and lifelong learning dispositions. 

Books by Marcelo Staricoff

I have written two books during my career as a Primary School teacher and headteacher. The first book is entitled Start Thinking and it contains a collection of open-ended challenges that greet the children each morning as they arrive at school and into their classrooms. The most recent book which has just been published is called The Joy of Not Knowing, which describes the philosophy of education, of teaching and of school leadership that I have developed during my time in education and it provides a wealth of easy to implement ideas for the teachers and senior leaders based on initiatives that have been shown to have transformational impact on children's and staff's love of learning, creative thinking, self-esteem and wellbeing.


The Joy of Not Knowing

The Joy of Not Knowing takes every aspect of the curriculum and of school life and transforms it into a personalised, meaningful and enjoyable experience for all. It offers readers an innovative, theoretical and practical guide to establish a values-based, enquiry-led and challenge-rich learning to learn approach to teaching and learning and to school leadership. The Joy of Not Knowing enables schools to launch the academic year with a bespoke JONK Learning to Learn Week that enables every student to succeed, develops philosophical, creative and critical problem-solving and multi-lingual thinking skills establishes collaborative cultures of thinking, learning and leadership informs practice through active action research, incorporates a values-led democratic approach to school life, nurtures school-pupil-family-community partnerships, The book is designed for school leaders and practitioners at all levels and across all ages, this practical guide shows how all students can thrive and develop the dispositions of successful lifelong learners and global citizens.