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Workshop, Talk, Reading, Interview


Age 7 to 11


Adventure, Fiction narrative, Humour

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Fiction 8-13


Recent bookings include delivering primary school online sessions; being a panellist on a writing & publishing careers event for university students and an interview with BBC Radio Kent.


“Both workshops were fully booked and received excellent feedback from attendees.”

Jenny Carter, Librarian, Sevenoaks Library

“Our pupils were hooked… every bookworm’s perfect day.”

Andrew Kilbride, Headteacher, Kemsing Primary School

"I loved the meeting with Jemma Hatt !!!!!" / "I really enjoyed it, it was great fun" / "it was very interesting"

Year 4 students, Sutton-at-Hone Primary School

School Visits:

I am pleased to offer virtual and / or in-person visits which can include any of the following elements:

- Talk / presentation about me and my writing - can be for Key Stage 2 or full school assemblies

- A reading from one of my books (suitable for Key Stage 2)

- Creative writing workshops for Key Stage 2 students

- Q&A

Sessions can be tailored to incorporate Key Stage 2 learning objectives and / or any school-specific requirements.

About me:

Over the years I’ve lived and worked in London, Exeter, New York and Delaware and am now living close to where I grew up in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Reading has always been one of my favourite things to do; during reading time at primary school I would become so absorbed in imaginary worlds that at the end my name would have to be called several times before I’d notice! 

A good book becomes like an old friend, being revisited again and again. I hope to entertain young readers with adventures and laughs to enjoy alongside the characters.

The Adventurers Series was inspired by my childhood holidays to Devon and Cornwall as well as my lifelong fascination with Ancient Egypt.

Books by Jemma Hatt

I have written four books to date in The Adventurers Series: contemporary, humorous stories following a group of children and their Border collie as they solve mysteries everywhere from Cornwall to Cairo. The first two books of the series will be translated into Estonian and published by Eesti Raamat in 2021. I have also written a fiction book designed for students in Germany learning English; it will be published by Klett Sprachen in April 2021.

The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle

The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle

The Adventurers and The Cursed Castle is the first book in The Adventurers Series: exciting adventure stories for children aged 8-12. Chosen by young readers as the Gold Award winner of the 2019 Wishing Shelf Book Awards for ages 9-12. Winner of the 2020 Children's Selfies Award. A mysterious curse has stricken Kexley Castle for generations ever since Egyptian treasure was transported to Cornwall by a 19th Century explorer. Can four young adventurers reveal the secrets that have been hidden for over a hundred years? Join Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney in their first exciting adventure together as they unravel the mystery and race to find Captain Jack Kexley’s hiding place. To succeed, they must discover and solve a series of clues left by their ancestor, ahead of two unwelcome visitors from the British Museum who are determined to get there first! 
The Adventurers and the Temple of Treasure

The Adventurers and the Temple of Treasure

A father's legacy, a chase across Egypt and a mystery buried for thousands of years... ... Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney are back, in their second exciting adventure together. With the help of friends old and new, can they navigate their way through the ancient wonders of Egypt to unearth one of the greatest treasure troves in history? 
The Adventurers and the City of Secrets

The Adventurers and the City of Secrets

Two master criminals are on the run with ancient treasure, using London's web of hidden trails and passages to conceal their loot. The Adventurers must track them down using their wits, Uncle Logan... and a stolen red bus. Join Lara, Rufus, Tom, Daisy and Barney as they race to uncover the City of Secrets! 
The Adventurers and the Continental Chase

The Adventurers and the Continental Chase

A kidnap in Paris… a chase across Europe… one epic road trip! The Adventurers are on holiday when Maye warns of suspicious activity in Paris. Join them as they race from the French Alps to the ancient ruins of Rome on the trail of a dangerous gang with a legacy of secrets. 
The Treasure of Tea Towers

The Treasure of Tea Towers

Due for release in April 2021