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  • The Royal Mail Award
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I have worked in numerous classrooms over many years. I love inspiring children: I love sharing my work with them and leaving them wanting to engage with their own words. I give readings for very young ones (sharing some of the many picture books I’ve had published over the years). I also talk to groups of this age range about what it’s like to be a writer. And I read from my poetry collection ‘Imagining Things’. With older children I read from my novels (chapter books for 8-12s). Always these longer stories are in some way or another about bullying. I was badly bullied at school, and I talk honestly to all groups about the subject. Sometimes too for older ones I will offer what I term ‘Meet the Author’ sessions where they can read my work ahead of time and then prepare questions for the day of my visit. 

Books by Kenneth Steven


The Song of the Trees

An Indian girl weeps for the forest that has been cut down by the strangers, the beautiful forest she believes is lost for ever. This original and lyrical story, with its folk tale style, tells of the endurance and power of human love.  

The Biggest Thing in the World

So Little Snow Bear sets out with his mother for a wonderful day of discovery. Every new thing the little bear sees seems to be bigger than the last. But what is truly the biggest thing in the world?  

Why Dogs have Wet Noses

Based loosely on the story of Noah’s Ark, Torseter’s complex and detailed line art illustrates Steven’s story with a dog-centred twist. The pup’s nose becomes the plug that saves the day. No wonder it is wet - for all dogs, for all time!  

The Bearer of Gifts

This beautifully and poetically told folk tale from Lapland combines the traditional Nativity tale with an unusual legend of Father Christmas  

The Sea Mice and the Stars

Woken by their mother one dark winter’s night, two young sea mice gaze in wonder at a sky sparkling with falling stars. These stars are pieces of magic, their uncle tells them, gifts to the sea mice to keep them safe through the harsh winter. And tonight, the mouse family must set out into the dark and the storms to collect the stars.... 

The Dragon Kite

An exciting story about a daring boy and an ancient Chinese dragon, with information about the importance of kites and dragons in Chinese culture.  

Imagining Things

Kenneth Steven’s new collection of lyrical and often humorous poems shows some of the surprises and excitement that can be ours in the world around us. Read these poems to discover the joy and wonder of imagining things.