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I have worked in an RNIB college teaching young people who are blind, partially sighted and with varied learning abilities including Aspergers and Autism.

We have worked at all levels from Key Skills to Edexcel.

I have since gained my BA (OU) in the belief that learning is fun and opens doors to new experiences.


This book Stage Fright, is a debut and a tribute to the theatres of Croydon, but it could be any theatre that has since closed.

It is a fun and scary book, a springboard for kids to explore their story telling of mystery, suspense or history.

It is inclusive for all abilities, and I aim to engage all kids with tactile, auditory and visual engagement.

My book was included in the Local and Community History Month of May by the Reading Agency, -


Books by Rosie Radford

Have you ever stood in your local high street and looked up at the buildings around you and wondered what was there before? If so this is the book for you. My debut book is inspired by living in this South London town for over three decades and seeing the changes around me. These three spine tingling tales are set in a Victorian theatre at different points in history, first in its Victorian hey day, then during world war two and lastly in the 1970's. Each spooky story has a spectacular array of theatrical characters, short, sharp and full of suspense - perfect for avid or reluctant readers.


Stage Fright

Three short spine-tingling stories set in the same theatre, through time; from the 1890's, to the 1970's. The short story format is perfect for children who love reading and those who are more reluctant to read. As gripping suspense stories , this is the perfect accompaniment for those teaching KS2 creative writing and supporting children in building tension, atmosphere and suspense into their work.  


Rosie Radford - first image
Rosie Radford - first image