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Our purpose is to introduce First Aid knowledge to children, appealing to their curiosity and empowering them to feel confident to deal with an emergency situation in a safe, kind and caring way, should one arise.

By gently introducing different Characters and scenarios, we can gradually expand their understanding and abilities as they learn and grow.

Our books are unique in teaching first aid in a fun and informative way, with easy to remember rhymes and vibrant illustrations. We inspire young readers to use the important life skills of nurturing care, kindness and helping each other as essential aspects of First Aid.

For Schools based in London and greater London, we are currently offering a free, 30/40, minute lesson based on our book. Schools further a field we will charge travelling expenses only. There is NO obligation to buy the book but should parents wish, they can pre purchase our book from Amazon or buy a copy directly from Perfectly Brilliant Books, on the day of the lesson.

We also have a range of free follow up activities, based on the lessons in our book, all available to download on:

Please contact us if would like to book an available Friday or discuss this offer:
Call Lisa: 07956 830716

              Fergie's Song

Fergie and friends are here to show,
All the 1st Aid that you should know
At the beginning, right from the start,
Stay alert, listen let’s be real smart!

To be a member of the 1st Aid Crew
Fergie will show you what to do
By making is easy and making it plain
It’s kind and caring, we’ll explain.

Making sure that all is very safe
Is the very first step that you must take
No need to panic, just stay calm
You don’t want to cause any further harm.

Shout for help or if you are alone
Press 999 on the telephone
Stay with the person, be kind and care
Before you know it, help will be there.