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I do whole school and/or half school readings as well as follow on workshops  helping children to find ways of making a story their own.

Books by Susanne T Schroder

My books are for all ages of primary school. My ‘unlikely heroes’ series of animals telling their version of what went on at the nativity is more specifically for ages 5-8

The Donkey’s First Christmas

The Donkey's First Christmas A cheeky donkey HATES the idea of work - so much so, that he tries every trick in the book to make people think he is useless. For the most part, this seems to work, and passers by leave him alone. One winter however, someone turns up at the yard who is not so easily fooled, and the shocked little donkey is given the job of a lifetime...  
‎ 978-1908053077

The Robins First Christmas

Robin loves to sing out loud. His bossy friends however, don't love it quite so much. Doesn't he know? A bird so plain, so small, so ordinary should keep his singing to himself! Sure they must be right, the little bid eventually complies. Until this particular night that is...