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Celebrating the forgotten stories of inspirational women.
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As a writer...

I'm a non-fiction author, journalist and playwright. I've worked as a writer, editor and columnist for leading national magazines, newspapers and websites including The Guardian, Daily Express, BBC, Disney, Glamour, Red and Take a Break. I'm also the author of successful plays performed in Yorkshire and London. The Mother of the Brontës, my biography of Maria Branwell, became a #1 Amazon bestseller and my books have enjoyed widespread coverage, including my appearance on BBC Woman’s Hour, a serialisation in the Mail on Sunday and articles about my findings in the Observer, Times, Daily Telegraph and New York Post.

As a speaker...

Next to writing, I love talking (well, I am from Yorkshire). That includes meeting interesting people of all ages through my work as a public speaker and workshop leader. Whether it's a cosy group gathered in a local library round a pot of tea, a sold-out event at the British Library, a packed book festival appearance or a laugher-filled online interview for hundreds of people, it's all about sharing knowledge, enthusiasm, opinions and a sheer love of learning. 

Praise for Mother of the Brontes…

"★★★★★ This impressively researched, crisply written biography gives Maria her rightful place in the Brontë story.”   The Telegraph 

“Beautifully researched and vibrantly written”   Daily Express

“Exuberant, fast-paced and deeply moving biography of a remarkable woman.”   Jane Austen Regency Review

“A haunting and timely portrait of mysterious Maria Brontë, mother of literature’s most gifted siblings. A groundbreaking piece of research - and a poignantly moving story.”   Claire Harman, author of Charlotte Brontë: A Life

“This is a fine book.”   Brontë Studies

Praise for Balloonomania Belles / The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts…

“Sharon Wright tells a fabulous tale, and has uncovered some terrific stories of long forgotten heroines of the air. Some stories are comic, many are tragic, many are a bit of both, and she tells it brilliantly.”   Bristol Post

“You couldn’t want for a better antidote to pinkness than these tales of girls and women unleashing their pluck and inventiveness in the unregulated age of balloonomania... This is history at its most satisfying.”   Damesnet

A simply brilliant history that rescues from undeserved obscurity a roster of pioneering women in the very beginning of the age of aviation … an inherently fascinating and impressively informative read from cover to cover.”   Midwest Book Review

“History has never been so much fun!”   What’s Her Name podcast

Books by Sharon Wright

Writing narrative non-fiction is fantastically satisfying. My critically-acclaimed books are the result of painstaking detective work to unearth the forgotten stories of women's history. As a journalist I use my investigative skills and determination to tell a truthful and gripping story to bring biography to the general reader (much my favourite kind). I have no time for book snobs. All reading is good reading. I also write comedies for the stage.
Balloonomania Belles: Daredevil Divas Who First Took To The Sky

Balloonomania Belles: Daredevil Divas Who First Took To The Sky

Discover the show- stopping stories of the female pioneers of balloon flight. Women were in the vanguard of the ‘Balloonomania’ craze that took hold in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and swept across Europe then the world. When women endured second-class status on the ground they managed to join the thrilling human quest for spectacle and discovery among the clouds. From the first perilous ascents in the 1780s, women never looked back... or down. Who were these women who took to the sky when it was such an incredibly dangerous and scandalous thing to do? Find out in these unforgettable real life stories. 
The Mother of the Brontës: When Maria Met Patrick

The Mother of the Brontës: When Maria Met Patrick

The groundbreaking biography of Maria Branwell reveals a remarkable Cornish woman who has spent 200 years in the shadow of her gifted children, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë. The witty, clever and resilient lady of letters, lover of Patrick and mother of genius has been missing for too long. The extraordinary Brontës were a family like no other and it all began when Maria met Patrick. This is her story.  
The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts

The Lost History of the Lady Aeronauts

From have-a-go Georgians to emancipated Edwardians, the lady aeronauts were actresses, writers, heiresses, scientists, engineers, explorers, showgirls and suffragettes. Yet they are all but forgotten. These unsung pioneers of female freedom enjoyed lives shot through with sheer courage and joie de vivre. Hold on tight for a breathtaking ride through their remarkable real life stories... 
978 1 39901 881 4
Mother of the Brontës 200th Anniversary Edition

Mother of the Brontës 200th Anniversary Edition

Who was the enigmatic Mrs Brontë? A new edition of the acclaimed biography marks the bicentenary of the death of Maria Branwell. Missing for 200 years, this is the untold story of the mother of genius.