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Damien Hine is an experienced author and public speaker with a particular talent for engaging with young people. He is known to leave audiences electrified with a love for reading and a new passion for writing. He encourages people to chase their dreams and believe that greatness is within their grasp.

After speaking with students in Wren Academy, London, teachers described how their students' work had been "transformed." He has seen similar results in other schools up and down the country. He has also been interviewed on Huntingdon Community Radio and Premier Christian Radio.

Due to the nature of his books, Damien is most comfortable speaking with Years 5 and up into all years of secondary school. He is happy delivering assemblies, workshops, creative writing lessons, live readings, author Q&A, seminar and, of course, book signings. He enjoys talking closely with hosts to plan events and ensure his delivery is tailored to the particular needs of their context. Some examples of talks he has delivered before:

- Assemblies: believing in your dreams, how setbacks can become victories 

- Workshop / seminar / creative writing lessons: how to become an author, creating fantastical worlds, coming up with story ideas, riddles and poetry, navigating the publishing industry.

Damien is based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and is willing to travel up to 75 miles if transport is included in the costs of his visit, more if accommodation is paid for/provided.

Damien Hine is DBS-checked and has a thorough understanding of safeguarding issues.

Books by Damien Hine

The Hearthmark Chronicles is an epic fantasy trilogy written for young people which takes place in the world of Risiva, a land of desert pirates and kings, of walkers and seekers, where the next adventure is never too far away. Book 1, Out of Atlas, introduces us to Fred Banks who sets out from city of Atlas and faces three torturous trials on a quest to claim his soul. Books 2 and 3, Into the Storm and The Forgotten Way, move to yet greater scale when mysterious forces of darkness begin marching on Risiva.

Out of Atlas

The city of Atlas hides from the outside world behind vast walls. A hive of politicians and accountants, it is continually looking inward. Nobody leaves. Nobody questions what lies outside. It is a place where nothing ever changes and the citizens like it that way. All of them that is, except a young man named Fred Banks. Fred has questions. What lies beyond those ever-present walls? Is the outside world really a wasteland populated by blood-thirsty marauders? When an aging professor reveals the truth, Fred learns that the mystery is far from over. His search for answers will take him beyond the walls and deep into the unknown world of Risiva, a land of wanderers and nomads, of desert pirates and kings. Freed from the walls that blinded him, Fred will learn it is not just his curiosity that sets him out from the rest — he was born for this. Destiny awaits. 

Into the Storm

Having claimed his lightspark and new name, Sokarus is determined to depart for the city of T’Choria. Yet while Islataria was glorious and majestic, the city of thieves is anything but. New allies await him, but he will not have long to get his bearings. Hot on his tail are not only a pack of fierce, glowing-eyed vulchrai but something far worse. A terrible sacrifice will need to be made if he is to escape the city alive. Meanwhile, Tempest has reached the frozen land of Shadowholt to the north. He will have to battle the ice-ridden wilds of the land beyond winter if he is to learn the truth of what is plaguing Greater Risiva. Little does he know that what he is set to discover has the potential to shake the very bedrock of the world. A third Great War is upon them. 

The Forgotten Way

Three and a half years ago, the High-Uskari of Death returned. Now Risiva lies in a state of despair. The few survivors, led by the valiant General Ithriel, have banded together into a desperate Resistance. After being pursued to every corner of the land, they are now trapped against the sea. They will not stand for long. Finally, on the word of a man thought dead, Sokarus has begun a solitary journey to the Scorched Mountain. Questions plague him. Why were they betrayed all those years ago? In what realm of sanity could Storoandix think to call himself "good?" What could it possibly mean to "unite the three?" Three new trials lie ahead, his fiercest of all — and if he cannot find a way there will be no hope for Risiva. 

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