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I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and giving talks and workshops since my first novel, The Other Book, came out in 2008. Since then, I've published several more novels for children, as well as a light-hearted work of non-fiction for adults, How to Teach Classics to Your Dog, which is an introduction to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, told through conversations with my lurcher, Una.


My love of myths and legends can be seen in my work, and I love talking about the inspirations behind my novels to children. I can also run creative writing workshops, in which we might make our own myths, or design gods and goddesses, or simply write freely and see what happens. I'm happy to talk about Classics to an adult audience, and have taught on the subject at the How to Academy.

I've taught Creative Writing at universities, and have made many appearances on the radio and television, including on the Today Program, the BBC and France 24.

I am London-based, and willing to travel (within reason); I would be interested in travel abroad. Please do get in touch for fees and rates.




Books by Philip Womack


How to Teach Classics to Your Dog

Can you tell your Odysseus from your Oedipus? In this unique introduction, Philip Womack leads his beloved lurcher Una (and us) on a fleet-footed odyssey through the classical world. From Aeneas to Cerberus to Polydorus, you’ll learn about the world of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and, with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to pass it on to your dog. But maybe best leave out that story of the hounds who tore their very own master limb from limb… 
‎ 978-1454941781

Write Your Own Myths

Write Your Own Myths showcases 20 myths, legends, and folktales from many different periods and cultures, and uses them as springboards and prompts to help you write your own versions--or point you in directions you never thought you'd go. You'll learn about all the important aspects of creative writing: - Learn about beginnings from The Sword in the Stone. - Baba Yaga's chicken house will help you get those settings believable. - Odysseus will teach you about dialogue and Loki will help you with plot. Supported with beautiful illustrations that will get your imagination flowing, there are also glossaries, tips and tricks, extra prompts, and more information about each myth or legend. The final section is packed with even more ideas for further reading and discovery. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen, and get creative!  


16-year-old orphan Tom is not looking forward to having to stay at his boarding school over the summer. So when he gets a mysterious letter from his uncle James, whom he has never met, inviting him to visit his farm in Suffolk for the holidays, Tom jumps at the chance. However, he quickly realises something is menacing Mundham farm: but does it come from outside, or from within? Who or what are the Samdhiya, the supernatural people described in the old handwritten diaries Tom finds in his uncle's house? As Tom starts to uncover the truth, he is confronted with a stark choice: on the one hand, infinite power; on the other, freedom. Which will he choose?  

The Arrow of Apollo

The gods are abandoning the earth, tempted by other worlds where they can live in peace. Only a few keep an interest in mortals. In their place, darker, more ancient forces are wakening... Silvius is given a task by a dying centaur. The dark god Python is rising and massing an army of immense power. The only thing that can save the world is the Arrow of Apollo - but it has been split into two. Silvius and his friend Elissa must travel to the land of their sworn enemies, the Achaeans. Meanwhile, Tisamenos is facing his own dangers in Achaea. A plot is afoot against him and his father, and it falls to him to stop it. When Silvius, Elissa and Tisamenos meet, they enter a final, terrifying race to bring together the pieces of the Arrow and use it to lay Python low once more.  

The Double Axe

Dark forces are at work in the House of the Double Axe. Stephan, the thirteen-year-old son of King Minos of Crete, stumbles across a terrifying conspiracy. Is the Minotaur, a half man half bull who eats human flesh, real? Or is something even more dangerous threatening to engulf both the palace and the world? Stephan must race to save his family from a terrible fate and find out what really lurks inside the labyrinth...You think you know the story? Think again.  

The King's Revenge

Final book in The Darkening Path trilogy, the thrilling culmination of Womack's acclaimed fantasy adventure. The mission to steal back their siblings from the Broken King is successful but the King has set a trap for Simon and Flora who are now unable to return home.  

The King's Shadow

'You are the chosen ones from the other land who will come to seek their siblings and with the hunting horn and the sunsword tear the king's shadow and overthrow the Broken King.' Simon and Flora have reached the land of the Broken King in search of their siblings. But here, nothing is quite what it seems. Who can Simon and Flora trust? What does Pike, their mysterious companion, stand to gain? As rumours of war and revolution swirl around them, and as the sinister Knight of the Swan dogs their every move, the pair must confront their terrifying final task. And if they can free their siblings, will they then be able to open the way between the worlds, and return home?  

The Broken King

When Simon's little sister is mysteriously snatched away to a dark other world, he is sent by a golden messenger on a dizzying quest to get her back. With him is Flora, whose brother has also vanished, and a strange boy who rescues them from a violent attack. To enter the land of the Broken King they must complete three tasks: Eat the Shadow. Steal the Sun. Break the Air. But how do they even begin? And what lies in wait for them, in the land of the Broken King?  

The Liberators

On his first trip to London to stay with his glamorous aunt and uncle for Christmas, Ivo Moncrieff steps off the train and stumbles into a nightmare. As he is waiting on the tube platform, a stranger thrusts a mysterious object into his hand, desperately muttering some unfamiliar words to him. On-board the tube moments later, the carriage next to Ivo's is overcome with panic and when they enter the next station the passengers disembark to find that the stranger's body has been brutally dismembered. Ivo guesses that perpetrators must want the object, and if they find out he has it, he will be their next target. But the attack on the tube is part of a larger scheme to bring chaos to the heart of London. As the capital seems in danger of sliding into anarchy, Ivo faces a race against time to break the ancient power of the Liberators, a power that has lain dormant for centuries but now threatens to destroy society itself. Philip Womack has written a gripping and thought-provoking tale that entertains at the same time as it explores what it means to be human and to be free.  
‎ 978-0747590439

The Other Book

Over four hundred years ago, a book is buried within the grounds of Oldstone Manor. There it lies, shrouded in a brooding curse, until one day the earth stirs and the book is discovered once more. As twelve-year-old Edward Pollock starts to turn the pages of an ancient book, he is drawn into a place that is both terrifying and bewitching. A place where dark forces imperil charmed lands. Soon Edward begins to realise that malicious powers are at play. The wall between man and ghost is weakening, and the world beyond is threatening great fear and destruction.