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  • winner of the 2010 Novel Beginnings First Chapter contest (WriteLink) for Kipper's Pride.
  • Runner up for the Kelpies Prize 2005 for Farlkris


  • CRB cleared
  • BACP
  • NUJ



Alongside my years of working as a freelance writer and editor, I have been a teacher, parent, youth worker and (ongoing) young people's therapist and youth life coach. I have current CRB enhanced clearance. I have been studying illustration for three years with a view to becoming a published author/illustrator.

Which books do I currently use as a basis for my sessions?
Key Stage 2
I have co-written two books for children of 8 to 12, Scordril and Farlkris, books 1 and 2 of the Lothian Dragons series. These are set in the East Lothian area of Scotland and feature real dragons who live alongside "overgrounders" in the real world of Musselburgh and Traprain Law. This gives lots of room for imaginative, magical and creative work with classes, book clubs and library groups. 
Farlkris is great as a class reader in the run-up to Advent as this follows the time-line of the plot – a new term at school. Class copies can be bought for top juniors and integrated with an author visit.
I love working with Key Stage 2 children and am happy to include a focus on whichever part of the curriculum you prefer.  The publishing process itself is of interest to 10s to 12s. I love to encourage them to write and feel confident writing, and co-generation of story lines is always successful. Am currently happy to include ideas about illustrating too, from various aspects.

“I liked the sessions because Eleanor used lots of adjectives and actions to make the stories interesting, I had really good images in my head. It was really good fun.”    Natalia

“I thought the lesson was really interesting, Eleanor made us do lots of actions for the dragons, it was really good, I didn’t know that Dragons swore!" [ = 'Dragonclaws!' ] Lauren

 “The session was really interesting; the children were really engaged and enthusiastic. They learnt a lot of skills which they are going to be able to use in their story writing. They also learnt techniques which will help them think of ideas. The session has really inspired the children.” Miss Bentley 2010

"children have brought in stories they wrote last night!" Miss Bentley 2011

Key Stage 1
For younger children in Key Stage 1, I can run an interactive session around my older book Splat!, which will be new to them. The story involves growing pumpkins for a harvest show, amid one disaster after another as father and son attempt to prove Mum is wrong about their ability to win! I am currently re-illustrating this text.
Key Stage 3 and 4
Interactive sessions with these pupils are geared to creativity in writing, using examples from my books, but particularly exploring plotting, character building and conflict, or, from a non-fiction point of view, putting together writing that works for its purpose, including editing skills. Always using pupil input, pair work and fun.
Where will I work?
I am willing to travel for two hours from home (I am based in Northumberland). This takes me north to Edinburgh or south to the Leeds area. Or into the Pennines, or east into the North Sea! My fee will reflect travelling expenses and rescue boats, and therefore varies.
Do please contact me if you wish to discuss any particular request, as I am flexible and happy to accommodate your preferences whenever possible. 
Other work
As a freelance writer and editor of a professional journal, I am always available to write articles or be interviewed and quoted on the topic of writing for young people and the mental health of young people.

Books by Eleanor Patrick



Set in East Lothian where an ancient magic has trapped the dragons, who need the help of two young people to solve the mystery 


A dragon is sent to live overground as an environmental tragedy threatens Musselburgh in East Lothian, Scotland. 


A Hamish Hamilton Cartwheel: easy reader about growing a pumpkin