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Hello! Sarah Horne here!

I am an Author and Illustrator based in London, UK.

I’ve been an illustrator for over 20 years and have worked on over 70 books in my career. It’s been a real joy to work on books as the Charlie Changes into a Chicken series by Sam Copeland, Fizzlebert Stump series by AF Harrold, and more recently some of my own titles: Panda at the Door and the sequel Panda in the Spotlight. I am also the illustrator for Matt Lucas's Very Silly Book of True or False, which is a bestselling World Book Day 2022 title. Great fun! 

I work with schools occasionally and do book signings. I can offer workshops in storytelling, drawing fab characters with lots of swagger, and will also demonstrate with some live drawings. I’m available to universities and colleges and speak on working as a book illustrator and building a career in this. I can also offer tutorials to students as part of the day. 

I’m willing to travel anywhere, providing expenses are covered by the booking client. ie accommodation, petrol, train/plane fares. I am based in London, UK. Please see below for my rough prices guide. 

I love meeting new people. It’s always a lovely thing to meet the audience and encourage the next generation to love books, stories and reading for pleasure.

Do check out my website on the link above, give me a follow on social media and feel free to drop me a line to enquire about a visit.



March 2022: Stebon Primary School, Tower Hamlets-  Super Saturday! visit and workshops. 

May 2021: Window art and book signings at various bookshops

August 2021: Edinburgh Festival Draw-Along -Panda at the Door.

August 2019: Summer Reading Challenge- Library workshop - Wrexham

August 2019: Summer Reading Challenge- Library workshops x2 - Preston and surrounding area

July 2019 Live Drawing joint appearance with Sam Copeland at Blackheath Festival

Feb 2019: Cheltenham University- Visiting Lecturer

July 2018: Dundee Children's Book Award- event.


My rough guide to event fees + expenses:

£350 half day // £500 full day (8 hours)

plus expenses of:

- Driving@ 40p/mile 

- Overnight accommodation

- Train/Plane travel expenses


COVID - I'm aware that many schools and venues will have different protocols in place as to covid policy, I am willing to abide by your policies. Please let me know in advance what they are, if applicable.


Look forward to hearing from you!


Books by Sarah Horne

I am an established Illustrator and author. I have been working as an Illustrator for over 20 years, and have been writing for 10 years. I have published over 70 books, and worked in other fields that commission illustrators such as editorial, design and advertising. I am best known as an illustrator for funny middle grade books. I love my job and am keen to meet with my audience. Can offer talks, workshops, and readings. I Include live drawing in all of my events.
Matt Lucas Very Silly book of True or False

Matt Lucas Very Silly book of True or False

2022 World Book Day title 
Panda at the Door

Panda at the Door

'Adorable fun!', 'When life gets tough, the perfect solution is a knock on the door from a soft-hearted panda who dispenses huge hugs.', 'Can I have seconds for Pudding? I can't wait to find out what this panda gets up to next.' SARAH MCINTYRE 'An upbeat read full of lively illustrations.' THE MIRROR NEWSPAPER 'Panda at the Door explores a family break-up with sensitivity at heart' BIG ISSUE NORTH 'a winning combination of traditional furry bear cosiness and smart technology and Cal's childhood anxiety will strike a chord with many young readers. The cover and the brilliant illustrations capture the joy, humour and warmth of the story beautifully.' SCHOOL READING LIST 'This delightful adventure ... is a readable romp with a compassionate heart at it's core' BOOKTRUST 'A little book to make you think, smile and want your own Panda' JUST IMAGINE 
‎ 978-0241346211
Charlie Changes Into A Chicken

Charlie Changes Into A Chicken

I am the illustrator on this hilarious series about friendship and childhood anxiety.  
Charlie turns into a T-REX

Charlie turns into a T-REX

What happens when you feel stressed? Maybe you start sweating, or your heart beats faster. When Charlie McGuffin gets stressed, something a little bit different happens: he turns into an animal! 
Charlie morphs into a Mammoth

Charlie morphs into a Mammoth

Charlie McGuffin is an actual superhero. He's gained control over his wacky ability to change into animals - he's even able to use it to turn the tables on school bully Dylan. 
Panda in the Spotlight

Panda in the Spotlight

The sequel to Panda at the Door. Pudding is back! Life is good for Cal and his panda bear Pudding. The family stage show Panda-Mime is a hit and there's talk of a Hollywood film. But is it too good to be true? A nosy reporter is sniffing around and she could discover that Pudding is a real-life bear, then all their dreams will be dashed!  


Sarah Horne - first image
Sarah Horne - first image