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My website - - has lots of information about me; about the charity I set up in 2011 to raise money for children in developing countries who need prosthetic legs (Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope, reg. 1141287, - and also, of course, about ALL my books - which are all about the Second World War.  

My three published books all contain true, previously untold, testimony of the war years given to my veterans who lived through it.  My WWII writing began with finding my Grandfather's diary of flying during the Battle of France in the summer of 1940;  during which he was shot down twice, and parachuted out of his aircraft twice.  However, after miraculously surviving he was taken prisoner after his last crash in July that year.  He wrote a diary and some thirty years later I put it together, and created a book which was first published in 2014, then by Penguin in 2018.

This - true - story has since been followed by the publication of two further Second World War testimony books, that have been published by the History Press - 'Remarkable Journeys' and 'Remarkable Women' - 'of the Second World War.'  These books contain wide variety of Second World War recollections, from around the world, and include a Russian Red Army aviator memory, a Holocaust account, a merchant navy story, an RAF nurse, two Lancaster navigators ... and many more.  Jonathan Dimbleby, Andrew Roberts, Dame Joanna Lumley and Louis de Bernieres are amongst these books, which have also been described as the 'Bayeux Tapestry' of the Second World War.  

I am always delighted to talk about these books - not least of all because they are Remembrance books, each story representing thousands (millions) who could / did not tell their story.  They are all, without exception, heartfelt, gripping accounts of the war = that educate and inform as well as entertain in a way that only the truth can.  

I have spoken at many festivals including the Chalke Valley History Festival, Buddleigh Salterton, Laxfield and Felixstowe Festivals;  and at aircraft museums, to Women's groups and schools.  I am comfortable addressing large as well as small audiences - and in workshops I often try to help 'would be writers' with writing technique and confidence building. 

I have been interviewed publicly on the stage at festivals, and I have also done both national and local radio, several times. 

The 'Second World War' is my area of expertise and I am comfortable talking about this in some detail, given what I have learnt through the writing of my books and the extensive research that has been involved.  However, as important is the fact my writing of these stories has come about because of my intrinsic interest in people; particularly those who are or have become vulnerable because of a difficult situation.  I would consider commissions therefore to expand my biographical writing to write about others who have coped with adversity and have a story to tell.  

I would be willing to travel abroad, as well as extensively in the UK; so long as I have enough time to make arrangements for the care of my children.

Books by Victoria Panton Bacon

I have had three books published, all containing true testimony of the Second World War, given to me by veterans who lived through it - and - in a few cases stories written using diaries, letters and documents given to me by family members. My first book is my Grandfather's account of flying a Bristol Blenheim aircraft during the (catastrophic) Battle of France in the Summer of 1940 (this is called 'Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer', published in hardback and in paperback by Penguin); my second two books(called 'Remarkable Journeys' and 'Remarkable Women' 'of the Second World War' are companion books containing testimony from a variety of veterans from all around the world. My books have been endorsed by - amongst others - Jonathan Dimbleby, Dame Joanna Lumley, Andrew Roberts and Louis de Bernieres. They have been described as the 'Bayeux Tapestry' of the Second World War.
Remarkable Women of the Second World War

Remarkable Women of the Second World War

When the Second World War broke out, the task of keeping society afloat fell on the shoulders of the women left behind. Women the world over stepped into boots they’d never worn before – becoming engineers, labourers and intelligence experts. Their houses were razed to the ground, they fled their enemy-occupied countries and they picked up guns to defend their homes, but their stories are rarely told. Remarkable Women of the Second World War is a collection of twelve of these stories, all carefully gathered and retold by Victoria Panton Bacon. These are the stories of Galina Russian navigator who flew on the front line for the Red Army alongside the feared Night Witches; Ena, an ATA engineer who didn’t think much of the Spitfires and Hurricanes she worked on; and Lee, a Jewish girl who fled Frankfurt and arrived in Coventry on a Kindertransport train. These women weren’t remarkable because of high rank or status, but because of their grit, resilience and determination. These are the tales of ordinary women who did extraordinary things. 
Remarkable Journeys of the Second World War

Remarkable Journeys of the Second World War

Those who lived through the Second World War have many stories of bravery, sadness, horror, doubt and longing. Inspired by conversations with a wide range of veterans following the publication of her grandfather’s wartime memoir, Victoria Panton Bacon has gathered a moving collection of their experiences. Their recollections tell of a different time and reveal the courage, actions and sentiments of those whose wartime experiences changed the course of history; stories of ordinary people who lived under the long shadows cast by the war and whose young lives were changed irrevocably. Though many tales are sad, describing being sent into war and the loss of friends and family, there are also stories of joy and love found in the darkest of times. For them, war, the ultimate leveller, threw them into remarkable times, whether they were a merchant seaman, army officer, pilot, young Jewish girl, code breaker or Home Guard recruit. From one extraordinary story to the next, Remarkable Journeys of the Second World War immerses the reader in the lives of real people who lived through conflict. 
Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer

Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer

Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer is a vivid and lyrical memoir of life as an RAF reconnaissance pilot in France during the hellish summer of 1940. It brings to life the fear, loneliness and pain that Alastair Panton and his comrades came to live with during those long weeks, as well as the bravery, camaraderie and humanity that made those unpredictable days more bearable. The aeroplane Panton captained throughout this intense period was a Bristol Blenheim Mark IV. He saw the Blenheim as his friend and saviour. It was the vehicle from which he and his crew were able to spot the enemy and save lives, repeatedly withstanding shooting and bombardment to facilitate dramatic landings and rescues. Yet despite these heroic adventures, culminating in his being shot down a fourth time, captured and made a prisoner of war, Panton describes Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer as a story of failure. Whilst he survived, so many of his friends and comrades did not, and this grief never left him. Panton's extraordinary book, written in the aftermath of the war but discovered posthumously, is edited and introduced by his granddaughter Victoria Panton Bacon.