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Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical fiction, Legend, Mythology

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I feel passionate that children should read for pleasure and I want to share the power of stories.

Using Beowulf’s Ghost as the start point, I offer visits to KS3 (Age 12-14) and KS2 in transition to KS3 (Age 10-11).

My approach: I am flexible with my approach and can focus one or more of the following:

  • Reading for Pleasure: Readings from Beowulf’s Ghost plus Q&A
  • The importance of Beowulf in English literature and what lies behind myths and legends as described below
  • The process of writing a book (plot, characters etc)

What lies behind myths and legends: Encouraging audience participation, I briefly discuss well-known legends such as Robin Hood, the King Arthur cycle (Merlin, Guinevere etc), Hereward the Wake, and of course, Beowulf.

There will be learning through asking questions about what lies behind the story, what seed of truth is at the heart of any myth. The audience will be asked to extrapolate ancient myths with modern myths and to think about stories they hear in the media.

The importance of Beowulf in English Literature:

  • Beowulf, originally a poem, now a classic text
  • Translations by many great writers and poets (Tolkien, Heaney)
  • Dramatized and interpreted (Hollywood films and books, Morpugo)
  • Most stories are on two levels, the narrative and the theme. Beowulf: the narrative is about slaying monsters but the theme is about human frailty.

Curriculum: The session will align with the English curriculum KS3 – introduction to Beowulf. The OE classic. There will also be an opportunity to study the setting, the plot and characterisation of Beowulf, and how I have interpreted this for my own book, Beowulf’s Ghost.

Resources to go with the session:

  • List of questions for students to follow up the presentation
  • Q and A for reading comprehension (once you have read the Beowulf’s Ghost). I will run a follow up Zoom meeting if required.

Charges: I am offering my services free of charge for the first few bookings, and will look to recover costs through direct book sales either at the time of the presentation or pre-ordered through the school.

Other: Prior to becoming a full-time author, in my previous career, I developed extensive communication and presentation skills. I also like to create fun and interactive visits. I have help preparing materials and resources from a teacher, previously Head of KS2, Literacy Lead, and experienced in supporting transition to KS3.

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Born in the stunning landscape of Cumbria, I grew up with passion for myths, legends, the supernatural, and Science Fiction. I’ve always enjoyed reading or writing stories, where I disappear into another world and imagine I’m someone else. Historical events are types of stories, and I often wish I could travel back in time to re-live some of them. This is where I get the ideas for my stories. Where better to start than with the iconic story of Beowulf and Grendel. What really happened? What was the truth behind the myth? I offer my version of the narrative...
Beowulf's Ghost

Beowulf's Ghost

How far back in time would you go to save your sister’s life? Adam is living with the guilt of being responsible for his sister’s death. After running away on the anniversary of her death, he finds himself transported back in time to Northumberland in the sixth century where he is mistaken for the great hero Beowulf. Caught up in a blood feud between the Angles and Celts, Adam is shocked to find that the spirit of his sister lives on in the body of another. As he struggles to overcome his own demons and fight the monsters he finds, both real and imaginary, he uncovers a plot to kill the one person who can lead him back to redemption. Can he act in time? Can Adam fight the monsters and save his sister?