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£275 full day; £175 half day.

An experienced Bollywood film journalist, I decided to use my insight to create a unique and entertaining series of fiction books centred around the Indian film industry. 

There are currently three books in the series  Starlet RIvalry, Double Take and Stuntman. 

I have been busy with school and library visits over the past decade, travelling extensively to talk about my books, journalism, Bollywood and writing in general. 

I adapt my sessions according to my audience - I have addressed small groups of people in local libraries as well as whole year groups in schools. 

I try to focus on entertainment, but at the same time teach the value of reading and writing. My sessions include the following: 

  • A brief talk about my work as a journalist (including film journalism, ie interviewing Bollywood actors, directors and producers, going behind the scenes etc)
  • How I developed the idea of the Bollywood Series
  • A brief discussion about the first three books (Starlet Rivalry, Double Take and Stuntman)
  • A workshop on how to write a book or short story (plotting & character development. Focusing on a beginning, middle and end etc)
  • Q & A session
  • Book-signing session where students can buy personalised, signed copies of the books at a much-discounted price
  • Finally, to end on a high note, a Bollywood dance workshop where volunteers learn the steps to a particular Bollywood song and then perform together as a group.

Here are some testimonials: 

From teachers and librarians:

'It was lovely having you. It was quite clear all the participants really enjoyed the experience, and I hope that the children at Newtown Primary are now getting stuck into the books. Many thanks for a great visit.’Elaine Bradshaw, reading libraries

Puneet, Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop that you delivered yesterday. From the feedback, the pupils seemed to enjoy the experience and have taken something valuable away with them. Thanks again, and hope we can have you back in school again sometime.' Uzma Raja, Drayton Manor High School

 ‘Excellent feedback from the pupils and teachers.’Sharon McLoughlin, St John Wall School, Handsworth, Birmingham

‘They all enjoyed the session.’ Jeannie Bishop, Darlington Libraries and Community Learning Service, Librarian, Darlington, County Durham

‘Thank you for a lovely day yesterday. The girls were talking about it all day!’ Sue Clifton, librarian, Golden HillockSchool, Birmingham

‘It was a real pleasure to meet you and you were just brilliant Puneet! I have had really positive feedback both from our staff and from our students. I was fascinated listening to you speak you were such an inspiration, there was so much to take in. I personally loved the books and couldn't put them down and I also thought the book covers were fab. Thank you again for travelling all the way to Holyhead school and I will be in touch in the very near future.’ Mo Noble, librarian , Holyhead School, Handsworth, Birmingham

‘Thank you for coming! Had great feedback from kids.’ Harj Chahal, librarian, Kelmscott School, Walthamstow

‘It was a credit to you that the girls were attentive and enthusiastic all day even though it was a Friday in the school holidays! I will hopefully see you again soon back at Whalley Range as the girls really enjoyed your visit! Thanks again.’ Martha Standring, Whalley Range School

From students:

'Thank you for teaching me about Bollywood when you came to my summer school inManchester. I loved your first book starlet rivalry and I will soon have double take. I still know the Bollywood dance you taught me and my friends. now I have read your book you have really inspired me and now your are my one and truly idol.’ Chelsey McCormack, 11

‘Thank you for coming to the library for corporation road primary school today. I haven't read the books yet, however after the reading the reviews, I can't wait! I love how your different and write a Bollywood series instead of your average ghost story or fantasty. I can't wait until book 3 & 4. Hopefully there will be a book 5 in the future :D’ Sanjida, 11

'I really enjoyed the author's visit. I was really inspired about her whole life story and how she started because I am really interested in Bollywood films and the music so found that very interesting. I am looking forward to reading her book. Yes I would like more author visits and more book from Puneet.' Thanks, Kathleen

'I want to thank Puneet for coming to our school, I really enjoyed it and I learnt more about Bollywood. I thought the session was brilliant! Puneet gave us some ideas on how writing can be fun and I think that was great. All of the session was good although I did enjoy when Puneet put on the bollywood songs. The presentation was great how it was and also there was a lot of information. It would be great if another author came to visit.' Subhana

'I thought that the visit was really good and enjoyed every minute. I learnt a lot about what Bollywood is.' Maariyaah

'Yes I enjoyed it. The best bit to me was when she was telling us what inspired her to become a writer. I would really like it if I can meet other authors like her.' Ayesha

'Thank you for choosing me to meet Puneet it was a really good opportunity. I thought the session was really good and I enjoyed it. It has made reading and writing sound better. I wish I could do that again. Thanks you for the opportunity to meet Puneet.' Megan

'It was a good talk very interesting. She made reading and writing sound fun and not as bad as I think. She made me want to read more and take more interest in English. On Friday in English I wrote a poem and Miss said it was very good because I used some of the techniques she had told us, so I’ve put some to practise. Thank you for letting me come to the meeting it was a good experience. Thank you Puneet.' Rebecca

'I think that the author was really good she had actually made me believe that it is possible to write your own stories. After listening to the speech she gave it has encouraged me to start writing more, if she could do it then so could I. I think that it is a good idea to have an author come to our school and tell us about their experience and how they became an author. I would like to thank you for inviting me to the meeting of Puneet. It was actually very helpful and I hope it helps me in my later life.' Nadine

'I really enjoyed it, the whole session was enjoyable. I would have liked to hear more songs. Please can we meet other authors.' Aysha

Headspace teenagers had this to say about Puneet’s event at High Wycombe library:

“It was great! Very informative and fun, I loved the dancing”

“Really enjoyable and interesting”

“It was amusing”

“It was cool”

“It was such great fun – I loved it”

Books by Puneet Bhandal

There are currently three books in my Bollywood Series. They were written to give readers an insight into the glamorous world of the Indian film industry. All include stunning black-and-white illustrations on each opening chapter page


Bollywood Series: Starlet Rivalry

Meet actresses Bela and Monica. Bela is the youngest and most sensational actress in Bollywood. Monica - the daughter of famous film stars - is jealous of her success. Find out what happens when Monica decides to show Bela who's boss... 

Bollywood Series: Double Take

Actress Deepa Khanna finally delivers a hit movie after two flops, but her troubles are not over. Deepa is being spotted in places she has never been and a strange man is following her. She fears he may be a stalker. The truth is, in fact, worse... 

Bollywood Series: Stuntman

Ravi Verma is good looking and a master at performing action scenes. He has all the qualities needed to be a top Bollywood hero. Trouble is, he is just a stuntman. But to his surprise, his love of the environment soon propels him centre-stage