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Children's author, Illustrator
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  • Tir Na n Og Award for Welsh literature:
  • Three Little Sheep 2011
  • Cold Jac 2004


  • Scattered Authors Society (SAS!)


I am an award winning children's author and illustrator with about 40 picture books and short chapter books published, including Tidy Up Trevor which was on the KS1 National Curriculum list for many years. I have nearly 35 years experience working in primary schools all over the UK with children from nursery up to Year 6, though I specialise in Foundation/KS1. I have also taught in a nursery for 9 years. Normally I spend a whole day in school and can put together a timetable to cover all classes across the age ranges or you can choose your own from the many sessions that I offer. These include:

Storytelling:  including singing and puppets for younger classes and nursery

How A Book Is Made: including a painting demonstration to show how I illustrate my books

Friezework: A class activity doing a frieze based on one of my books

Writing Workshop: A session designed to encourage creative writing

Pop-up Workshop: Paper engineering workshop to show how simple pop-up books are made

Story Totem Poles: A totem pole made out of cardboard boxes and painted by the class based on a story they create themselves.

For a clearer description, photos, details of numbers and ages of children, length of session, materials etc. please look at my website and click on 'School Sessions' or email me for a pdf of the details.

I travel all over the UK and charge 20p per mile up to a maximum of £30 for travel.

My rates are £330 for a full day, £250 for a half day

I have lower rates for schools under 75 pupils.

I usually stay with friends when I travel a long way from home but occasionally I may need to stay with a teacher, librarian overnight if that's okay.

Books by Rob Lewis

I have written about 40 books including:


Tidy Up Trevor

Picture book on National Curriculum list for many years 


Ambrose moves to a new house and finds it difficult to make friends. Could it be he is just too picky? 

Three Little Sheep

Picture book winner of Tir Na n Og award 2011. 

Cold Jac

Poor Jac is so cold but his gran has an answer. She will knit him a jumper but it seems the animals on the farm are the ones to gain.