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  • Gez is now the official Poet Laureate for Calderdale. A huge accolade!


In 1997 Gez Walsh burst onto the world poetry scene with a collection of poems that were not for the faint hearted. His poems were written, as it has been told many times, to encourage his dyslexic son, Lee, to read. Lee now has a family of his own, with a beautiful little daughter Harleigh, and has now seen the importance of reading to children, and the benefits.

Gez's first collection of poems,The Spot on My Bum went on to become not only a cult classic but also a bestselling children's poetry collection. His work is now used not only here in the UK but has been translated into other langauges to encourage young people to pick up a book and read.

Gez always claims not to try to teach young people how to write sonnets, I try to help them to love words and language, I want to help them to communicate with the world around them, Gez, a former social worker, now tours full time, he also appears frequently on TV and radio, has his own chat radio show for Phoenix FM where he invites everyone from the famous to the not so famous, who have a story to tell to come along and share it.Gez still lives in Huddersfield with his wife, carol. He has no pets and no hobbies, other than irritating his wife.

Poetry visits for schools begin with Gez delivering his high octane performance that is designed to break down any preconceived ideas that any of the audience may have about poetry. With a mixture of poems, stories, games and many more surprises that are best not mentioned if they are to remain surprises. the poetry workshops are a mixture of games and stories. The students will learn how to construct rhyming patterns and how to work ideas into a poem, they will then write simple four line poems before splitting up into groups to write a performance peice together. All my workshops are designed for students to learn without learning, they always think they are just playing and having a laugh.

Prose workshops start with the worlds scariest story (trust me it is) then the whole class discusses ideas and experiences. the story is then used to show how to  construct a plot and how to draw people into a story. The workshop then moves on to helping students with their descriptions this is acheived by playing a game.Each workshop lasts about fourty five minutes to an hour but theThe workshops can be extended or shortened to fit in with the school time table.

The horror workshops are best suited for year 5/6 upwards. for younger students a super hero theme is used.

Books by Gez Walsh

Gez Walsh burst onto the poetry scene in 1997 armed with his first collection of children's verse, The Spot on My Bum: Horrible Poems for Horrible Children, which was rapidly to become a cult classic. Written in response to his dyslexic son's need for sti


The spot on my bum

The Spot on My Bum: Horrible Poems for Horrible Children, Great for reluctant readers 

Mum, the Dog's Drunk Again

If you're looking for big, bold, in-your-face humour coupled with strange characters and stories, then Mum, the Dog's Drunk Again! is worth every penny and more! 

Don't wee in the bath Terry

We've all been there. Some kids still are. Looking under the bed for the bogeyman, experiencing the delights of odd socks....... 

Norah's nasty knickers

Norah's Nasty Knickers are the nastiest nether garments in the known universe. But it isn't the knickers themselves that are nasty, it's their owner when she's got them on!