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Currently taking bookings for when the world goes back to normal! (From March 2021 at the earliest, sadly)
I'm an enthusiastic speaker available for assembly talks and classroom workshops aimed primarily at KS2 pupils (mainly Years 5 and 6), but adaptable for KS3 pupils.
My interactive workshops fit in well with the KS2 English curriculum: including listening to a short extract from one of my books, responding imaginatively to develop the theme, and the role of descriptive language in helping to bring ideas alive.  I also talk about the importance of planning and drafting, revising and editing to get the best out of a story.  Teachers, in particular, enjoy seeing a proof of my last complete manuscript covered in pencil marks (and the pupils' reactions to all those edits!).
I recently published my fourth book, The Orb and The Architect, set in London - a thriller for 10-13 year olds with a historic angle and a sci-fi twist.
I live in South West London, but I am willing to travel.  
Feedback from students and teachers:
"I think you made me remember how much fun you can have writing a story.  I have also learnt to let my imagination run wild.  You taught me how to paint a picture using words."  Thomas, Year 6 (Emanuel, Battersea, London)
"Your workshop was brilliant. I thought it was so interactive and I think you got us to read a lot more. Many of us, including me, have stopped playing at playtime and instead we read your books or write stories." Luke, Year 5 (Albermarle Primary, Wandsworth, London)
"Your manner with the children is perfect and you certainly got the children feeling very creative and confident enough to ask lots of questions, which will help with their own writing of stories."
Linda Huxley, Librarian (Rokeby School, Kingston upon Thames) following a visit to the Year 5 pupils of Rokeby and Robin Hood Primary
"Kirsty's visit really inspired our boys: she captured their imagination with her reading from her debut novel and through her subsequent discussions and activities, she opened their minds to the wonders of writing and the joy of expressing their own creative ideas.  A huge success."
Matthew Thompson, Head of English (Aldro School, Surrey) following a visit to the Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils.

Books by Kirsty Riddiford

The Orb and The Architect is a thriller with a sci-fi twist aimed at 10-13 year olds. Set in London, it makes use of the River Thames and the magnificent architecture of Sir Christopher Wren as an exciting backdrop to this da Vinci code for kids. The 'Prophecies of Ballitor' trilogy is a fantasy adventure aimed at 8-13 year olds (and older!).
The Orb and The Architect

The Orb and The Architect

In December 1664, a comet appeared over England, returning again in March the following year. People regarded it with dread and superstition, believing it brought war, pestilence and disaster. They were right. Like most London schoolboys, fourteen-year-old Jamie Shepherd knows all about the Great Fire of London in 1666, and how it followed on the heels of the Great Plague, but it’s all ancient history to him. Until he finds an old key on the banks of the River Thames and people start falling ill. Suddenly, history seems an awful lot closer.  
Ben and the Book of Prophecies

Ben and the Book of Prophecies

Book 1. 12 year old orphan Ben must find the mythical Book of Prophecies in order to save the kingdom of Ballitor. 
Race for the Heir

Race for the Heir

Book 2: the heir to the throne has been spirited away to the dark side of the kingdom. Ben must travel across the Sylver Sea to rescue him before his nemesis reaches him. 
Meridian Obsidian

Meridian Obsidian

Book 3: Ben must defeat his nemesis once and for all, if he is to reunite his family.