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  • Booktrust Best New Illustrator Award 2008


Recent feedback from a child in one of my classes:

'I felt excited but amazed at the same time because he had a loud and clear voice and his drawing was 'wow'.  I felt gob-smacked.  He was brilliant when he was showing us how to draw. I was so happy in my head, I was saying 'wow', I never knew how good I was at drawing.'     KEISHA

My workshops are both fun and carefully structured.

I enjoy working with very young children - reading my stories, and all drawing together - and I teach a 'Create a picture book' workshop for children of 7+ that works equally well with teenagers and adults too.

'Create a picture book' workshop:

I read one or two of my stories and show how I create my own characters out of simple shapes - we all draw together.

I then ask the children to create characters of their own.

Mixing up vivid words generates startling combinations, which the children use as a starting point. I always say that I want to see ideas that 'no one in the whole history of the world has ever thought of before!' and I'm always astonished at how imaginative children can be.

As they draw their characters, I help things along by showing how I would draw some of the more fantastical, surreal ideas that have come up - and we discuss story ideas: how to create drama, how to make your reader care, how to craft a satisfying ending, etc.

Picture books are usually 12 page-spreads in length - and it isn't easy to squeeze an exciting story into so small a space - but I find the children can really focus their energies by working within the clear parameters of a 12-square storyboard. I have certainly seen children come up with stories that are good enough to publish.

I end the workshop by showing how to turn their stories into finished books, to match their storyboards, which  they can then take time to illustrate and decorate beautifully either at school or at home.

This workshop can be easily adapted to the abilities of younger children, by ending at the character-design stage - leaving the possibility of writing stories open.

I charge £350/day (plus travel if outside London)

Some feedback from recent workshops:

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for gifting me the most wonderfully inspiring, creative and engaging hour I have spent in a long time! ... Really looking forward to sitting down and making a book with my daughter tomorrow building upon what we both learnt today with you. 

A very talented, warm inspirational down to earth individual! 

My daughter was in awe of him, as we all were - so engaging, confidence boosting as well as informative & fun!

I wanted to say a huge HUGE thank you for the fantastic course we attended at the Bethnal Green V & A museum. You were a great inspiration to both my kids...

feedback from teachers:

David Lucas held the childrens’ attention from the minute he started speaking to them. His illustration workshop captured their imaginations, and he reached out to all abilities and ages and even the less artistic children produced some great work. Since his visit the children want to hear his stories over and over again. His visit certainly inspired the pupils to look at books and words in a completely different way. An enjoyable and fascinating day for both the pupils and staff!

 Lynne Main, Librarian, Twickenham Preparatory School

David Lucas’ stories hold you spellbound and then he shows you how to do it yourself, by giving us all hints on illustration and storywriting at the workshops. His visits are magical and we’re looking forward to a few more budding authors and illustrators emerging in West Dunbartonshire!

Anne Louise Anglim, Senior Officer, West Dunbartonshire Libraries

David used effective, creative techniques to build the group’s confidence and get their ideas flowing, resulting in not only the enthusiastic children, but also their rather more tentative and self-conscious parents, creating original and moving stories.

Lisa Yates, Learning Manager, V&A Museum of Childhood


I am author and illustrator of 14 books, mostly for Andersen Press and Walker Books



 a funny reworking of the Midas story and a cautionary tale about chocolate 

This Is My Rock

 A mountain goat learns an important lesson about sharing in this strikingly simple tale. 

The Lying Carpet

 a magical fable for older children 

The Robot and the Bluebird

 a touching, magical story of self-sacrifice 

Halibut Jackson

 a colourfully charming fairytale about shyness