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Alex Woolf

London-based author of children's fiction and non-fiction. Offers entertaining and informative talks for schools
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What I offer

I very much enjoy visiting schools, giving talks about creative writing. I tailor my talks to the needs of individual schools, and can speak to individual classes or entire year groups, as preferred. In these illustrated PowerPoint talks I explain how I became a writer and talk about the books I've written, about the inspiration behind them and how I researched and wrote them. I talk about my experience as an author and how I go about planning, researching and writing my books. I also offer advice about plotting, character creation, dialogue, atmosphere and other tools that writers use. 

I am currently touring schools helping to turn the story creation process into a live event. I am doing this in partnership with Fiction Express – – a book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through the fun co-creation of stories. The workshops involve a class reading of the latest chapter, a live vote, a comprehension quiz and a Q&A, concluding with personally signed book covers or print editions of my other Fiction Express titles. Please contact me for further details, including prices.

My career as an author
After years of working as an editor of children’s books, I decided in 2001 to start trying to write them myself. Since then I have written about 80 works of non-fiction and sixteen YA novels (six under a pseudonym), published by Salariya, Curious Fox, Badger and ReadZone. I have also written twelve stories for Fiction Express, online publishers of interactive stories for schools. My novel Aldo Moon and the Ghost of Gravewood Hall was one of Lovereading4kids’ books of the year in 2013, and my horror novel Soul Shadows has been shortlisted for the 2014 RED Book Award.

I am available for commissions, both fiction and non-fiction, for all age ranges from 9 upwards. I also write hi-lo fiction for reluctant readers.

Books by Alex Woolf

Iron Sky: Dread Eagle

Iron Sky: Dread Eagle

The first in a trilogy set in a fantasy Victorian steampunk world of giant airships, coal-powered automata, floating cities and deadly iron eagles. 
The Shakespeare Plot: Assassin's Code

The Shakespeare Plot: Assassin's Code

Journey back in time to danger-filled Elizabethan London. Alice Fletcher is a stagehand at the Globe theatre. When her brother, Richard, goes missing, Alice seeks him with the help of Tom Cavendish, servant of the power–hungry Earl of Essex. Together they uncover coded messages that point to a treasonous plot against the Queen. 
Soul Shadows

Soul Shadows

What if your shadow had a mind of its own? In this spooky YA thriller two young people must battle a shape-shifting army and the sinister forces that called them into being. 
Aldo Moon and the Ghost at Gravewood Hall

Aldo Moon and the Ghost at Gravewood Hall

Aldo Moon is a teenage ghost-hunter living in Victorian England. With the help of his two companions, Nathan and Lily, he investigates mysterious nocturnal noises at a spooky house in the country. 
Chronosphere: Time out of Time

Chronosphere: Time out of Time

What if you could buy a year out of time, free to relax, play and party all you liked, safe in the knowledge that at the end of it all you'd be returned back to the moment you left? The first in a three-volume SF story set in the late 22nd century. 
You Wouldn't Want to be in the Trenches in World War I

You Wouldn't Want to be in the Trenches in World War I

Best-selling graphic non-fiction about the tribulations of young Tommy Atkins after he enlists with the army in 1914 and must face the horror of the trenches.