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I am the author of the Wartime Winger, the first in a series of historical sports stories published by Mogzilla. My book is set in WW2 and is aimed at children between eight and twelve years old. My second book (Scoring for the Stasi) was published in December 2018.

The Wartime Winger provides and excellent insight into the key events that occurred between 1939 and 1945 and is a story of a friendship formed through a love of sport. It offers a historical account of WW2 describing the horrors of the Blitz and Dunkirk, while explaining more about the dangers that faced the brave airmen who took to the skies in Britain’s bomber planes. I have worked in primary schools for eighteen years, teaching years 1-6 during this time. This has given me a good understanding of the National Curriculum and how to develop children’s enjoyment of creative writing as well as their historical knowledge. Since becoming an author, I have enjoyed visiting schools to lead assemblies and workshops. My visits are designed to meet the needs of the school and when making a booking they can choose from the following options:

1.  Book Talk – My talks usually last between 45 minutes and an hour. During this time, I share extracts from my book and explain a little about the process of writing such as gathering ideas, developing interesting characters and the importance of editing. I also describe key historical events from WW2 such as evacuation and the Blitz.

2. Creative Writing – Children have the opportunity to plan their own WW2 stories, either individually or in pairs, focusing on describing settings effectively and describing how characters think and feel.

3. History Workshop 1 – Children learn about the evacuees of WW2 through story-telling, video extracts, role play and singing songs. This workshop will also provide class teachers with ideas to develop children’s enjoyment of creative writing.

4. History Workshop 2 – Children gain an insight into what life was like for men who served on a bomber plane through story-telling, quizzes, role play and studying artefacts.

5. Football Fever – As well as containing extensive historical information, my books all contain a sporting theme. As a qualified FA coach, I’m happy to get my boots on and organise a training session that incorporates beginners as well as children who are familiar with the beautiful game

Costs - A whole day visit will cost £100 and a half day visit will cost £50.