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"The children left inspired about conservation."

 My talks, like my books, are light-hearted, humorous and educational.

I am the author of two children's series - Tigeropolis and The Adventures of Captain Bobo.

Tigeropolis is a chapter book series aimed at children aged 7 - 11.

It's a fun story of a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas that suddenly find themselves having to take charge of their very own tiger reserve if they are to save their beloved forest home. The books are loosley based on my long time involvement with conservation and were inspired by my first viewing of a tiger in the wild.

There are three themes to my Tigeropolis talks :-

  • Conservation - with a focus on tigers in the wild.
  • The inspiration behind the Tigeropolis story and why I came to write the series.
  • An introduction to the development of characters - with examples of how I created tiger cubs Bittu and Matti, their mother Tala and their wise, old, Uncle Raj.

     I would then do a short reading from the first Tigeropolis book and a Q & A session.

My Tigeropolis talks tend to draw out a lot of questions, so I am equally happy to work with individual classes or larger groups depending on the time available.

I am also very happy to do workshops on writing and character creation. 

The Adventures of Captain Bobo - a picture book series aimed at ages 4 plus.

The stories tell of the adventures of Captain Bobo, his comic crew and his wonderful paddle steamer Red Gauntlet.

The stories are beautifully illustrated and based (very loosely) on the adventures of a real life sea captain and a wonderful paddle steamer that is still seen sailing around Britain every year. 



I am mainly based in London, but I also spend considerable time up in Glasgow, so am happy to consider events in and around either area.

I am also very willing to consider travelling further afield.

I want children to get the most out of any visit and I am more than happy to sign and dedicate copies of my books and would be happy to work with schools to actively promote the books ahead of the event.

My fees vary depending on what exactly I am asked to do and the time involved, but I am also very much aware of how tight school budgets are. As a guide my charge for a half day is £150, plus VAT, and any expenses.  

I have appropriate Public Liabiliy Insurance through the Society of Authors. 



Some recent reviews on my talks to schools and libraries :-

"The children really enjoyed the visit and fully engaged in the activities surrounding the book. The author was fantastic with the children and we would love to see him again.... I would highly recommend a visit." 

    Literacy Coodinator, Hounslow Town Primary School

"The children (and adults) left feeling inspired and passionate about tiger conservation. We hope to work with you again."                                    

 St Michaels & St Martins Primary

"Parents and children thoroughly enjoyed the session."

Harrow Libraries 



Books by R. D. Dikstra

Author of two children' book series: - 'Tigeropolis' (ages 7-11) a fun series about a family of vegetarian tigers running their own wildlife park in the foothills of the Himalayas. 'The Adventures of Captain Bobo' (ages 4 -6) - the comic adventures of a Captain, his crew and the paddle steamer Red Gauntlet.

Tigeropolis - Beyond the Deep Forest

Tigeropolis - Beyond the Deep Forest

A family of vegetarian tigers have to take charge 
Tigeropolis - The Grand Opening

Tigeropolis - The Grand Opening

The Tigeropolis story continues as the park reopens 
The Adventure of Captain Bobo - Bananas!

The Adventure of Captain Bobo - Bananas!

Adventures of a West of Scotland Paddle Steamer Captain 
The Adventures of Captain Bobo - On the Rocks

The Adventures of Captain Bobo - On the Rocks

Can the crew of Red Gauntlet come to the rescue of the Thistle?  


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