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Hello, beautiful children, teachers, parents and carers! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my page! Welcome :)!

I have been an Early Years teacher for years now, so I know how important it is to inspire a love of reading in our children from an early age. I have always loved reading stories to children, the fascination in their eyes is priceless!

I believe I have made a difference in some of my students' lives (hopefully all!). This somehow stopped being enough at some point.

That's when God gave me another dream, that of reaching even more children's hearts and hopefully making a difference in their lives and bringing a smile on their little faces even though for a moment.

I would love to come and inspire you in in your school/ library, read you some of my beautiful stories and share my journey of becoming a published author with you all!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Best Wishes,


Serena Bloom,

Children's Books Author 



Books by Serena Bloom

My debut story, The Bean Baby, is a bedtime story that helps your children discover the power of hope, prayer and miracles. It has been inspired by my fight with infertility over the years and my hope that at some point in my life, if I keep my faith and never give up, I will have my miracle baby. This hasn't happened yet, but it will! So far, The Bean Baby is my 'baby'. So why don't you check it out and let me know what you think! Don't forget to also get The Bean Baby Colouring Book so your child can create their own version of my story! My second book that has just been published is called ' Glitter. glitter, everywhere!' It is a fun, silly and unique rhyming book that teaches our little ones body parts that rhyme. But how has glitter anything to do with that? Check out my latest book to find out!
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The Bean Baby

The Bean Baby

Magic or Miracle? How does a bean seed turn into a real baby? Karri is a respected healer in her village. Some think she uses magic and with it, brings miracles into people’s lives! Not her own life, though. Somehow, she can’t seem to help herself with her heart’s fondest wish –– a baby of her own. Everything changes one day when Karri finds a bean seed. But how? Surely a bean seed can’t grow into a real baby! Will the love between Karri and the bean seed make a miracle happen? Or is there a higher force making Karri’s dream come true? Find out in The Bean Baby, a magical, light-hearted picture book about miracles happening when you don’t lose hope. This bedtime story for kids is packed with love, humour, suspense, and excitement, The Bean Baby is the perfect night story for all children ages 3+. 
Glitter, glitter, everywhere!

Glitter, glitter, everywhere!

From head to toe, floor to ceiling, and places in between, sparkly, colourful glitter…has found itself, on EVERYTHING!! In ‘Glitter, glitter, everywhere!’, this concept is used through rhyme as a clever way to introduce young children to their body parts and all the various objects in which the glitter has found itself upon. Glitter! Glitter! It just makes everything more fun! Even learning! A rhyming picture book for kids is an ideal gift for all the occasions, Birthdays, Christmas etc. The kids are going to love it no matter what! Get it now at affordable price. 
The Bean Baby Colouring Book

The Bean Baby Colouring Book

Introducing "The Bean Baby Colouring Book," a fun and engaging activity book for children of 3+ ages based on my fantasy book, The Bean Baby. Filled with adorable illustrations and playful designs, this book is sure to spark the imagination and creativity of young artists. From friendly animals, characters, charming scenes, to beautiful sceneries, "The Bean Baby Colouring Book" has something for every child to enjoy.