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Over the decades I've been a teacher, a vicar and a business consultant, so I'm no stranger to public speaking across all age groups and backgrounds, from small groups of 2 or 3 to several hundred. I'm a trained facilitator, so I'm used to drawing people out. And with a background as a freelance radio interviewer I'm also comfortable and successful live online.

I love what I do and I love encouraging and inspiring others. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Most people die with their best music inside them." What a tragedy. So if I can help even a few people discover and release their writing and creative gifts, I'm content.    

I would love to work with your group in any way I can help: let's have a brief chat to explore... 


Highly entertaining and well written - A charming and amusing introduction to a new amateur sleuth… got me wondering what will come next - an outstanding cozy mystery that fans of this genre are bound to enjoy - [a] fun adventure marinaded in the English Cotswolds countryside of thatched cottages, village greens and petty jealousies.





Books by Peter Hyson

Proud author of The Cotswold Capers series of light-hearted cozy murder mysteries set in the imaginary Cotswolds village of Much Slaughter and featuring Catherine de Barnes and her puppy Daggers.

The Taste of Murder

Celebrity chef Lee Clump is cooking up big plans – and he’s finally found the perfect village to serve up his latest trendy Restaurant. The trouble is, he has no premises, a number of established competitors & significant local opposition. He’s convinced that his Speciality sous vide wild boar & venison. Name will establish MEAT & GREET on the culinary trail and finally provide him with all the trifles he’s ever dreamt of. Others would say, gets his just desserts. Until he’s found dead at the Village Fete. His death provides a spicey challenge to Catherine de Barnes and her trusty hound, Barking, in this tasty appetiser for The Cotswold Capers series set in the beautiful but deadly village of Much Slaughter.  

A Fair Cop

When Catherine de Barnes – Catney - finds Much Slaughter’s retired policeman draped over a motorbike, three knives in his back, she and her pooch Daggers face a frantic race to save an innocent villager from jail. But a grumpy police officer, a fledgling chocolate business and a romantic midnight dance threaten to distract her… The familiar villagers from The Taste of Murder return in glorious technicolour, along with an eccentric retired RAF officer with a moustache the size of aeroplane wings, a vet who paints a road tunnel on his garage door and a coffee shop owner with a chequered reputation. Then there’s the rather dishy doctor… and a whole host of others. Will Catney be lured away by the many distractions as she seeks to track down the killer? After The Taste of Murder, this book takes us well and truly into The Cotswolds Capers series. Look out for Mass Murder, coming soon.