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  • Blue Peter Book of the Year 2017 nomination


Ben is London-based and has an inspiring and interactive School Talk which is ideal for students aged 7 – 11. His talks inspire children to read and develop a curiosity about the world around them. The session is suitable for large all-school presentations. Powerpoint facilities (with sound) required. 

Football School Talk (60 minutes)

Ben's interactive cross-curricular School Talk covers four lessons. For example: Biology on nutrition, Geography on Brazil’s climate, Zoology on eagle symbolism and Drama on emotions and acting. It's interactive: children get involved, they cheer, they dance, they score, and win prizes! The overall message is that reading is fun, entertaining and important, and a great way to learn about the world. The talk is funny, engaging and inclusive and leaves children inspired to read. Also includes Q&A.

Football School Workshop (45 minutes) 

Ben's Football School Workshop is a short series of lessons built around curriculum-based Activity Sheets. They require smaller groups, of up to 50 children at a time. 

This session starts with a quiz and other subjects include:

Modern Languages – complete a map to learn what football is called around the world

Art – design your own football crest incorporating symbols and motto

English – write your own match report or commentate without hesitation

TV and Radio:

Ben is a strong advocate for children's literacy and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live, Blue Peter, BBC London and TalkSport to talk about the importance of reading for children. 


'Ben spoke to 300 of our upper junior children. They were utterly captivated by his very interactive presentation. I would recommend that Ben visit every school to inspire them - our pupils wanted to get hold of his books immediately!’

Rachel Shear, Co-Headteacher, The Orion Primary School

‘Ben was an excellent role model for the children to aspire to'

Rich Adams, Primary Stars Coordinator, Stoke City

‘We had rave reviews from the teaching staff at Foundry Lane Primary School after a really inspiring and engaging assembly. Thank you!’

Mike Dixon, Schools Senior Project Officer, Saints Foundation

‘The boys absolutely loved Ben’s visit and have been keen to take his book everywhere, even to play time! It's wonderful to see the boys so inspired to read, so thank you very much!’

Anna Helmreich, Head of Year 3, The Hall School


Books by Ben Lyttleton

Football School is a best-selling series of books which use football to allow children to develop a love of reading and a curiosity about the world. Every lesson in Football School is about football. The series uses the nation's favourite sport to explain the whole world. Parents and teachers say the Football School books and live events have inspired their children to read.

Football School Season One: Where Football Explains the World

Football School Season One: Where Football Explains the World

At Football School, every lesson is about football! In Biology, learn about footballers' nutrition; in Geography, learn why the climate in Brazil makes Brazilians so skilful. The 18 lessons will make you laugh out loud... and love reading!  
Football School Season Two: Where Football Explains the World

Football School Season Two: Where Football Explains the World

More true stories, real science and fascinating facts in lessons that explain the world through football, including: why are footballs NOT round? What is a vomitory? And where do goalkeepers let in chickens?  
Football School: The Amazing Quiz Book

Football School: The Amazing Quiz Book

How much do you know about the World Cup – and the world? Test yourself and your friends with over 300 brain-busting questions from Football School. Why are England called the Three Lions? What is Lionel Messi's creepy-crawly nickname? Which World Cup player wore a wig?