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Age 5 to 7, Age 7 to 11, Age 11 to 14

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Fiction for children, Fiction 8-13


  • Federation of Children's Book Groups
  • PEN and the Scattered Authors Society
  • Society of Authors


I welcome visits to schools in my area (Beds/Bucks/Herts/Northants) and sometimes further afield.   I enjoy running workshops for children, giving short talks on how I write, doing question and answer sessions.  I prefer groups of up to 30 and an informal approach.  I  like to talk to a teacher beforehand to discuss the event and whether they would like me to bring books to sell.

I have also worked with adults, doing Creative Writing and running workshops (for Adult Education). 

For more information about my books please visit my Website,  

Books by Griselda Gifford

I have written over 30 books for children, including educational stories and a picture-book. My latest books are The Cuckoo's Daughters for young teens and my latest book is Blood on the Heather, an exciting story set in the Highlands for nine-plus reader


The Cuckoo's Daughter

This is an historical novel set in 1799 Louisa has been fostered all her life and longs to know her true parents. It's only when she falls in love that she eventually finds out the shocking truth. 

Blood On The Heather

This is an exciting story for children of ten plus, set in the Highlands of Scotland where Kirsty and Cat are both facing new lives. They face danger when they attempt to help Angus, a boy fleeing from war. 

House of Spies on Amazon Kindle

Exciting story for 11plus readers set in WW2 

The Silent Pool

Ghost story for age 11 plus 

River of Secrets

Fran's grandmother is found drowned. Is it an accident or suicide? for 11 plus range 

Second Sight

The Turkish glass eyes have strange powers.