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Gareth Baker

Children's Author, Storyteller and Patron and Reading
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Age 3 to 5, Age 5 to 7, Age 7 to 11, Age 11 to 14


Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Legend, Mystery, Mythology

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Fiction 4-11, Fiction 5-9, Fiction 8-13


  • Nottingham Writer's Studio Awards 2018




Gareth has been successfully working in primary schools since 2016, offering a wide range of workshops suitable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. He lives in Nottingham but is happy to travel throughout the country. His workshops are often linked to his books, but also cover generating ideas, character creation, as well as storytelling and drama activities to inspire and enthuse. Details of the workshops he offers can be found at

Gareth has worked with children his entire adult life (he was a primary teacher for 20 years - including English co-ordinator and Assistant Headteacher) and as such he can guarantee you a fun-packed day, delivered in ways that are appropriate for the children's age (and ability), with excellent communication skills. One of his author visits will leave lasting memories and impact.

He has an enhanced DBS check and his own PLI.

Gareth is a Patron of Reading in nine schools across the East Midlands and works with many others.

He supports the Newark Book Festival each year, in the past running workshops for children and being part of a panel interview. In 2019 he was a part of their schools Outreach Program.

In February 2019 he was the keynote speaker at TeachMeet East Midlands where he discussed the importance of Reading for Pleasure and how to build an R4P culture in your school. In 2020 he will be speaking at BrewEd Mansfield and at The Flying High Trust English Hub Conference.

He regularly appears on Notts TV where he discusses educational issues as well as writing.

Gareth also provides writing courses for adults through The Nottingham Writers' Studio, of which he is a member.

Details of his workshops and what he offers as a Patron of Reading can be found on his website -


Gareth charges £400 a day for a fun-packed day of workshops, with optional after-school masterclasses, CPD for your staff and book sale included. Discounts are available for small schools, repeat visits or multiple days. More details are available on his website.

Author and Illustrator Visits

Gareth and the illustrator he works with, Vicky Kuhn, are also available for joint visits. Please see Gareth's website for more details.


“The “Day in the Life of…” sessions he delivered to our Key Stage 1 classes were well prepared and resourced and even our hard to engage pupils were enthralled and asked some of the most interesting questions! Gareth’s relaxed approachable manner and dynamic interpersonal skills meant that we all had a fantastic day to remember!” P Hoare, Edgewood Primary School, Nottinghamshire

The session was well thought out with supported resources. His enthusiasm kept all the children engaged and interested. Whilst it was a standalone session, the work will be contributing to the end of unit assessment which is very helpful to me! - Mr Hampson, class teacher, Scotholme Primary, Nottingham City

Dynamic, entertaining and full of great writing ideas. [The] children really enjoyed the assembly and session’ – C. Gillett, teacher, All Hallows Primary, Nottinghamshire

Gareth charmed and captivated our foundation stage with his interactive storytelling sessions. The children were thoroughly absorbed and really loved his style and delivery. It was a great catalyst for this term’s work on traditional stories. - P Hoare, Edgewood Primary School, Nottinghamshire

Our pupils love Gareth's visits to our school, especially the animated and inspiring way he engages them with stories and reading - Adam Newman KS2 Leader and Curriculum Coordinator, Farmilo Primary School

Books by Gareth Baker

Gareth has written nine novels covering a range of genres suitable from KS1 and KS2. A picture book for EYFS is in the works. His books include Star Friend, Moggy on a Mission, and Timne Guardians.

Rogue Racer

Rogue Racer

In the near future fame and glory can be found in Virtual Reality. Ryan Rhodes doesn't have much going for him when he accidentally enters a VR race in a rig made from outdated equipment by his friend, Sofinah. Luckily Ryan has talent and guts, and Sofinah’s a computer genius. Hooked on the thrill of racing, they continue to compete in secret under the name Rogue Racer. Their mysterious identity and skill soon attracts a huge fan base on the hyperweb, but as the pressure builds and the stakes increase both on and off the racetrack, will Ryan and Sofinah be able to beat the odds and become the VR champion when it matters most? 
Super Rabbit

Super Rabbit

Sally is not like other rabbits. She dreams of being an explorer and an inventor like her best friend Radish. But even she didn’t expect her mission to the moon to give her SUPERPOWERS! 
Star Friend

Star Friend

When Alice moves house she has to leave her friends and school behind. To make matters worse, it’s the first day of the summer holidays. When she arrives at her new home things might not be as bad as she first thought. Willie Wallis, her mum and dad's new boss, lives with them in a huge mansion in the country with a chimpanzee and a snake. Soon Alice starts to feel lonely in the big, old house, but when she wishes on a shooting star a new friend is just around the corner. 
The Minotaur's Eclipse

The Minotaur's Eclipse

Theo Harpe is on holiday in Cyprus when the island is plunged into darkness by a total eclipse. Unknown to him, it also opens an ancient trap, releasing dangerous mythological beasts into the world… And only he can stop them. Later, Theo learns that the ancient Greek myths his grandfather has been telling him are more than just stories and that his family have been serving the Greek gods for centuries. Now he must master a collection of godly artefacts and stop the beasts before the world is thrown into a dark future more terrible than any eclipse. 
Time Guardians: The Centaur's Curse

Time Guardians: The Centaur's Curse

When Theo Harpe comes face-to-face with a cyclops during a summer adventure camp, it comes as no surprise. After all, as a Guardian of the Net, he’s protected the world from dangerous mythological creatures before, and his family have been serving the Greek gods for centuries. But this time Theo’s actions lead to a catastrophic chain of events which gives the enemies of thegods the chance to fight back. Theo must push himself to the limit and risk everything if he is to succeed in putting things right. And the future of those he loves and the whole of humankind is at stake… 
Moggy on a Mission

Moggy on a Mission

Hi, my name’s Felix and this is my story. What started off as a simple, ordinary day, ended up the greatest adventure of my life. When Felix went out into his garden one day, he didn't expect to see someone stealing his owner’s bike. He didn’t expect to leap into action or end up trapped on the back of a truck and end up half-way across town. But most importantly he didn’t expect to be on a top-secret mission with a top-secret spy cat. 
Brackenbelly and the Beast of Hogg-Bottom Farm

Brackenbelly and the Beast of Hogg-Bottom Farm

Welcome to the world of Kinmara. A world of heroes and villains. A world of magic. A world of strange creatures. And a world of beasts! Poor orphan, Isomee Hogg-Bottom, lives on a farm with her very unpleasant uncle. One day a mysterious stranger called Brackenbelly arrives at the farm wanting to buy a chostri - the enormous birds they breed - and everything starts to change for Isomee. Brackenbelly and Isomee soon become friends and when they discover that something is trying to get into the chostri barn at night, they decide to team-up and solve the mystery together. 
Brackenbelly and the Dragon Duct Forest

Brackenbelly and the Dragon Duct Forest

Something strange is going on at Hogg-Bottom farm. Uncle Hogg-Bottom is being nice to Isomee - but why? Meanwhile, Brackenbelly has ridden off, leaving Isomee far behind. When Hogg-Bottom shows his true colours, Isomee decides to escape her uncle once and for all - but is she already too late? When Brackenbelly rescues a jakel from being bullied in the forest, he is reminded of Isomee and decides to go back for her. Forced to stop for the night, Brackenbelly sets up camp only to discover that something, or someone, is watching him. Will Isomee be reunited with her best friend? Meet new characters and prepare yourself for surprises! Follow the continuing adventures of Brackenbelly – this is where the adventure truly begins! 
The Night I helped Santa

The Night I helped Santa

It's Christmas! Gareth Baker brings you a charming tale of one child's wish for Christmas. A story in which dreams come true and miracles happen. "The Night I Helped Santa" Karl and his family are going to Granny's house for Christmas, but on the way they discover they've accidentally left something very important at home. Already worried that Santa won't find them in a different house, Karl's now also worried what will happen when Cassie, his baby sister, notices that Teddy is missing. It's her first Christmas and Karl doesn't want it spoiled by anything - if only Teddy wasn't four hours away! That night, when Karl goes to bed, he hopes for a Christmas miracle, but he doesn't expect to hear footsteps on the roof or for tonight to become "The Night I Helped Santa". 
Time Guardians: The Mini Missions

Time Guardians: The Mini Missions

Join Theo on two Mini Missions set after The Minotaur's Eclipse and before the forthcoming second novel. The Lost Guardian Set a week after the events in The Minotaur’s Eclipse, Theo faces the final challenge of his summer holiday, and this time it’s at the bottom of the ocean. The Gorgon’s Wrath Theo must face his most deadly foe yet. When a gorgon escapes from the Net. Small stories, BIG adventure! 

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