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John Dougherty

Author, poet, and songwriter
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"A John Dougherty session is such fun that his young audiences - big or small - might not realise just quite how much they're learning" - award-winning author PHILIP ARDAGH

"Amazing... without a doubt one of the best author events that I have experienced"
Tamara McFarlane, Tales on Moon Lane children's bookshop, London

Children and teachers alike love John's sessions. An expert communicator and a very funny man, he''ll enthrall them, inspire them, and at times have them helpless with laughter. 

“Fantastic… a wonderful inspiration. There really is no substitute for this sort of experience” - Deputy Head, Berkshire

John's major aim is to help the school in developing or maintaining a healthy reading culture. Reading for pleasure is enormously good for both children and adults, and an author visit can be a very effective way to help children make the connection between reading and fun. With years of experience as a teacher, a writer and a performer, John is one of the best choices you could make.

A standard visit will include age-appropriate sessions taking in every class in the school from Nursery to Year 6. There'll be readings, music, perhaps a poem or two, and a lot of inspiration. 

John's first poetry collection, Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies, was published in 2016 by Otter-Barry Books, so if you'd like a visit with a poetry focus please get in touch too.

"John is one of the very best authors for schools we've had... certainly at the front rank of authors that I'd recommend for both schools and festival events" - Teresa Lowe, Glasgow West End Festival

"A natural entertainer, with a guitar-strumming comedy routine that would go down well on kids' TV" - Stroud News & Journal

John lives in Gloucestershire, but is willing to travel just about anywhere in the country - or outside it, for that matter. 

Although specialising in primary school visits, John is happy to work with KS3 if required. He has a lot of experience not just in schools' work, but also with the media , having appeared as both interviewee and performer on local and national TV and radio, including BBC1 and Radios 2 & 4. 

Please see his website at for more details!

Books by John Dougherty

John's written around 30 books so far. They're generally pretty clever and very funny!

There's a Pig Up My Nose

There's a Pig Up My Nose

A ridiculously fun and funny picture book! 
Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers

Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers

"I laughed so hard my head fell off!" - Megan (aged 8). First in a series of (so far!) six 
Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies

Dinosaurs & Dinner-Ladies

My first poetry collection. "A collection of sheer brilliance, wit and charm... [will] have readers on the floor with laughter in one moment, and deeply moved in another" - Lovereading4kids 
Mark & Shark: Detectiving & Stuff

Mark & Shark: Detectiving & Stuff

A very silly detective story featuring a cast of crazy characters, a lot of ice cream, and the most lovable office desks you've ever met! 
Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose

The Greek god Zeus turns up in Alex's classroom, borrows his mum's nightie, and causes mayhem! 
Niteracy Hour

Niteracy Hour

Can a heroic headlouse avoid the Comb, defeat a bully, and find out what happens in Treasure Island? 
Jack Slater, Monster Investigator

Jack Slater, Monster Investigator

Armed with only a torch and a teddy, Jack must stop the monsters under the bed before it's too late!