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  • Paul was nominated for the Grampian Children's Book Award 2011 for his eco-thriller: Windscape. The Flamingnet Award for best young adult writer 2009.



Paul Murdoch is an author who specialises in school and library visits. His book Sunny let’s kids talk about racism and bullying through an adventure story. His new book Old Bloke Goes Running takes a funny and sometimes irreverent look at trying to get fit in your fifties. 

Sunny - We’re happy seeing a novel being launched highlighting issues of racism in a way young people can relate to - Show Racism the Red Card 
Old Bloke Goes Running - as featured on BBC Radio Scotland - Lot's of good tips---things that are important which need to be right & things to avoid & save some money. Lots of fun & proving anybody can do it with motivation & taking it slowly to start with. Looking forward to the next in the series "Old Bloke Goes-------------?"  - Audible
Sunny would help children understand the very recent history of sectarianism, and will be ideal text for schools - Nil By Mouth
Old Bloke Ges Running - ‘You can jog while listening to this wee book which is a gentle introduction on how one man lost weight without expensive equipment. It's a tongue in cheek commentary and a lot of the things he describes is a common sense attitude to getting healthier, an enjoyable listen, and read’ - Amazon
Sunny is a fast-moving crime thriller for school pupils aimed at tackling Scotland’s sectarianism and racism - The Scotsman
Paul Murdoch has traveled the world performing workshops and presentations on writing and imagination. His latest novel Sunny deals with divisions in communities and has been compared to The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Paul Murdoch’s 2016 stone circle video diary can be found at:

 Paul also went to Bali with Education Scotland in 2015. He worked there in 6 schools on a cross-cultural exchange.

His 2015 cross-cultural adventure to Indonesia can be found at:

The first three books in Paul Murdoch’s PECK CHRONICLES: Talisman, Citadel and Tyrant are published by Strident Publishing and can be found in all good bookshops or online. Signed copies of Paul’s books and much more about his talks and school visits can be found at:

Details about his new Tiffy Toffy picture books for younger children can be found here: coming-soon-2

Paul has worked with 100’s of schools all over the UK and Ireland. He has also performed school and library visits in Bali and Germany. 

The Author Sessions: Paul performs workshops or assembly-type, interactive presentations. Either with 20 -40 children in a classroom or 100-500 children in a hall, he explores their own creativity and ability to form stories using pictures, games and exercises. He also performs key-note speeches at prize giving's and often works on specific projects. 

Paul currently has six interactive workshop/presentations. The first three are designed to lead onto each other. They result in the class/group producing a fable, using their own characters, dialogue and settings. Click on the titles below for much more detail.


1. The 'Imagination Workshop (P4-S3)

2. The 'Window on Another World' Workshop (P4-S3)

3. The 'Fables are Fun' Workshop (P4-S3)

4. The Windswept and Interesting Workshop (P4-S3)

5. The Tiffy and Toffy Workshop (P1-P3)

6. The Sunny Workshop - (P6-S6)

Books by Paul Murdoch

I love presenting and really getting children involved in workshops from the start. I've seen over 30,000 children in hundreds of schools, libraries and festivals. My new book - Sunny - explores topics such as racism and sectarianism through an engaging mystery adventure, while my latest book for adults, Old Bloke Goes Running takes a funny look at trying to get fit in your fifties.


Old Bloke Goes Running

An irreverent look at getting fit in your fifties. Lose weight while still having those treats. Run a bit... Have fun a bit.  

The Egg Thief

Young Jenny MacLeod finds out about a plot to steel some very precious sea-eagle eggs. She tries to do the right thing but soon her world is torn apart. Can she save the eggs, her family and everyone she loves? 


A proposed wind farm on a lonely Scottish island starts a series of events that leads 10 year-old Jenny MacLeod on a dangerous adventure with her friend Pavel. Can she save her father's farm and everything she holds dear? 


Can Sunny Wilson solve the mystery of his unlikey survival? "A fast moving thriller"r - The Scotsman. 

Talisman (The Peck Chronicles - Book 1)

A story of determination, courage and family. So fast-paced that your heart will pound long after you turn the final page... 

Citadel (The Peck Chronicles - Book 2)

2nd book in The Peck Chronicles. First book is Talisman. Third book is Tyrant. The Hedra wizard Dendralon sees the impending destruction of Denthan as an opportunity to increase his power. James Peck is intent on stopping him. 

Tyrant (The Peck Chronicles - Book 3)

Book 3 in The Peck Chronicles. Is preceded by Talisman and Citadel. The odds are stacked heavily against James Peck and the wizard-goldfish Mendel. One year on from their extraordinary Denthan adventure, the zany villagers of Drumfintley threatened. 

The Red Monster (A Tiffy & Toffy Tale)

Excitement. Reading. Counting. Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them. What is that noise? Is it a big red monster? Tiffy and Toffy grab all that they have and run...straight into danger of another kind. Can t 

The Lucky Pellet (A Tiffy & Toffy Tale)

Excitement. Reading. Counting. Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them. Winter is approaching and their cupboards are bare. Bertha Barn Owl lies between Tiffy and Toffy and the barn, where Tiffy and Toffy think 

The Great Vole Rescue (A Tiffy & Toffy Tale)

Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them. Willie Weasel is up to no good. He has stolen all the baby voles. Can Tiffy & Toffy help Violet Vole rescue them? Tiffy & Toffy come up with a daring plan. Bobby Badger 

Annie Adder's Gold (A Tiffy & Toffy Tale)

Excitement. Reading. Counting. Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them. Sammy Shrew has found gold! Annie Adder thinks it is hers though. And she wants it back. Tiffy and Toffy agree to help Sammy and they set 

Squished Worm and Bramble Pie (A Tiffy Toffy Tale)

Excitement. Reading. Counting. Every day is an adventure for them. Tiffy is out in the field, looking for the brambles her brother needs so that he can make his special pie. But Tiffy and Toffy are not the 

Eden Seed (Under pen name Damian Peck)

A young pharmaceutical executive unwittingly discovers one of the most powerful drugs of all time. Far from perfect, he is forced to face up to his failings and is soon drawn into a bloody battle between rival companies and an ancient religious sect 

The Godfather of Rock (Ghost writer)

a behind the scenes look at his life in rock and radio. He uncovered some of the great rock bands to come out of Scotland and has interviewed and spent time with some of the absolute legends: Robert Plant, Ozzy, ACDC, Genesis, Judas Priest & ZZ Top 

Habbie to Jeely-Eater (adapted by Paul Murdoch)

Ian Miller is one of the most well-kent faces in the West of Scotland. A man of the cloth. An entertainer. A man who welcomed all denominations, anytime. A man who has married, christened and buried the great the good and the lowly with equalgravitas