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I'm a children's author and illustrator best known for my picture books My Pet T-Rex, I Really Want that Unicorn and Tiger in a Tutu, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's book Prize.

I was born in sunny Rio, Brazil. After studying art and design, I went travelling and came across the MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, from where I graduated in 2014.

Today I work from my studio in London, where I live with my husband and our family of cats.


Want to find out more about me? Please check my author bio on my website.


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I offer interactive and fun events for children and I'd love to visit your school, library or festival. 

My sessions are typically based on my picture books, with activities including storytelling, character creation, games and crafts. I also run workshops and talks for aspiring children's authors and illustrators on the themes of writing picture books, children's book illustration and character design. 


Sessions are 45-60 min long and can be anything from a small group workshop or a big assembly.

Nursery sessions are 30 minutes long.


Here are a few options:

  • Story reading with fun props + crafts activity. (suitable for nursery and EY)

  • Story reading + draw along activity + character creation workshop. (suitable for KS1)

  • Story reading + character creation or story workshop (suitable for KS2)

  • Talk: How I make picture books (suitable for KS2 & up or big assemblies)

  • Workshops: character creation or story workshop (KS2 & up)


Let me know what your ideal author visit would look like! 


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For more details:

Please check my author events page on my website!

There you can find more information on my children's books and school visits, as well as my current fees.


For free printable activities and crafts based on my picture books, follow this link.


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Event feedback

Thank you for your visit on WBD. All pupils around the school are still talking about your books. You have helped to promote love for reading at Riverside Primary. Your books are much appreciated and pupils are currently taking turns in reading them. Pupils found the session interesting, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have made WBD extra special for our pupils.

Susie Coppin (Riverside Primary School)

Thank you so much for facilitating Fabi visiting our school. Fabi spoke to a range of children from our nursery to Year 2, preparing different activities suitable for each year group. She was engaging and inspiring, the children in year 2 especially loved creating their own animals and hearing her thought process for writing. She taught some children how to draw a dinosaur, the reception children’s efforts were very impressive! Fabi’s message of resilience was particularly inspiring and something as a school community we feel very passionate about. A huge thank you to Fabi and contact an author for a brilliant world book week experience.

Rachel Janes (Littleton C of E Infant School)

Books by Fabi Santiago

Fabi Santiago is the author and illustrator of 'My pet T-rex', 'I really want that unicorn' and 'Tiger in a Tutu', which was shortlisted for the Waterstones children's book prize. Fabi recently illustrated Sarah Driver's new middle grade series Once We Were Witches.
Once We Were Witches

Once We Were Witches

Written by Sarah Driver, illustrated by Fabi Santiago. A spellbinding middle grade series, crackling with magic and adventure. Thirteen years ago, magic was banished and the witches were hunted. Sisters Spel and Egg are the daughters of witches, but they grow up in Miss Mouldheel’s School for Wicked Girls with no idea who they really are. Until the day the message arrives telling them to run . . . 
My Pet T-Rex

My Pet T-Rex

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the proud owner of a pet dinosaur. Your new pet will need lots of love. She will also need training, exercise and (very) regular feeding. But having a new pet isn't all fun and games. It's hard work too . . . especially when your pet is a T-REX! A delightfully funny celebration of the joys and responsibilities of having a pet, from the creator of Tiger in a Tutu, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. 
Daisy and Bear

Daisy and Bear

Bear is going to the cinema. What could possibly go wrong? Daisy loves the cinema, but Bear has never been. As the film starts, she munches, crunches and slurps through her treats. She needs the loo. She laughs in all the wrong places and takes a phonecall. Everyone is fed up with Bear, but when the film suddenly stops, Bear knows just how to get the crowd cheering... A laugh-out-loud funny picture book about the joys of going to the cinema. 
I Really Want that Unicorn

I Really Want that Unicorn

Love unicorns? Enjoy talent shows? Pick up this book and laugh yourself horse! Chloe is preparing for a very special talent show: The prize is a Big Sparkly Mellow Yellow Unicorn. And Chloe MUST have it. To win, she must bake the best rainbow unicorn cake, make the best magic castle, the best unicorn fairy outfit AND give the perfect performance on her unicycle. Chloe is confident she can win. Until Veronica arrives.. A delightfully funny, stylish book with the message that friendship is more important than anything - even unicorns! 
Tiger in a Tutu

Tiger in a Tutu

Max lives a life of luxury in Paris zoo. But Max isn't like other tigers - he is a tiger with a dream! Max longs to pirouette and plié, to leap and spin. He wants to be a dazzling dancer, shining on the stage! But will this tiger in a tutu get his moment in the spotlight? And will he ever find a friend to dance by his side? Set in Paris, with a dancing tiger as the star, Tiger in a Tutu is an uplifting tale of following your dreams and pursuing your talent, no matter what. 
Paws Off My Book

Paws Off My Book

Olaf the Giraffe is excited when he finds a book. "I LOVE books!" he chuckles, and starts to have a look. But his friends have their own ideas on how to read: lying down like a crocodile, standing on one leg like a flamingo, and even hanging upside down like a monkey! What's a gentle giraffe to do? A charming picture book about the joy of reading and finding your own way. 


Fabi Santiago - first image
Fabi Santiago - first image
Fabi Santiago - first image