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Poems of self discovery, Journey of a human mind

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Generally, you would start with making yourself look good. So let me do just that by saying , and be warned, it's a bit of blah blah, but nevertheless, I am sharing it. And here it is. So some people know Sanjeev Kumar as a Director & CEO at the Delamore & Owl Group Of Companies. He is a market-seasoned professional and the recipient of " South East Asia Young Achiever's Award " He holds a dual masters degree in Finance and commerce and also has an MBA. As the CEO of the group, he overseas business activities of the group in many different countries, and is a regular contributor on platforms that are helping shape the future of the financial market and the global business. A lot of blah blah, isn't it ? And thank goodness, you don't have to read all that anymore, and now that you read all that, please ignore it. I wrote all that, more for my parents and family, so they won't complain . But all this isn't really important, he writes for fun, and he isn't really intelligent. But yes Sanjeev is curious to the core, and is always in a self discovery mode. Life is fun when you are living it, and not analysing it. And it is the best teacher. Thank you for your interest, and whatever may be the circumstances, I wish that, you always find a reason to smile. So keep smiling !

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After initially sharing my thoughts on social media with my friends and family, on their repeated suggestions, I decided to give it a go, and write. And so far I have written two books.


Poems of Self Discovery

The Journey Of a Human Mind  

Journey of a human mind

The journey carries on...