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James Steptowe - children's author

Having been a primary school teacher for over 5 years, I know how to run engaging and enjoyable workshops and how to inspire creative writing and a love for reading. I also know how to work in a range of year groups and class contexts and will make sure one of my visits is as fun and educational as I would want for one of my own classes.

What does one of my visits include?

One of my visits will include:

  • an assembly for the whole school or KS2
  • enjoyable, engaging and educational workshops with your students
  • an author Q and A
  • me sharing my passion for reading and writing with your students – which I hope to pass on to them
  • A book selling/signing session can take place at lunch or after school (books will be discounted from RRP for students and shcools will have the option to order copies at a wholesale discount).
  • Lots of stickers and bookmarks!!!

Below is a short overview of each workshop, but please ask if you have any questions about anything or if there is anything else, in particular, you would like me to do within a session.

Workshop 1 - Make your speech STAND OUT!

An interactive and enjoyable session where we’ll go through my process for using effective dialogue through four simple steps. Teamwork and drama involved in this session.

Workshop 2 - The power of your nose

A session all about the power of smell in description and how to use it. We’ll look at some of the bits of smelly description in my book and do some practical activities to explore how we can describe smells - I will be bringing in smelly items to help.

Workshop 3 - Finding a story isn’t as hard as you think

In this session, we’ll talk about how I came up with the characters and plotline for my story. We’ll then have a go at creating characters and planning some of our own stories using my handy hints.

I am also happy to work with KS1 children and classes and can do storytelling or some other activities with them.

Previous Visits

"The author visit has inspired children to read more for pleasure and has shown them the process of writing which was beneficial for them to apply to their writing."

Sidrah Shah, Teacher, Lapage Primary School, Bradford

Where will I travel?

I am based in Yorkshire, outside of Leeds, so my priority will be for schools based in West Yorkshire, such as:

  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Harrogate
  • Huddersfield
  • Ilkley
  • Wetherby
  • Halifax
  • Knaresborough

However, I am happy to travel further afield than Yorkshire and into nearby counties. I also frequently go back to London and Essex, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are a school outside of Yorkshire.

What if you want to invite me to your school?

Prices: £200-£250 for a full day (depending on locality) and may include expenses. 

Half-day bookings based on locality and again may include expenses.

I am also open to doing skype sessions with classes, so please email if this is something you are looking for.

To book an author visit or to get more information, including a quote, please get in touch at hello@jamessteptowe.com

Also, please download and read for free the first chapter of 'Raid of the Ratskull Rodents' from: https://jamessteptowebooks.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/chapters-1-only-free-sample-1.pdf

Or listen to me read it (with a little help from my cat): Reading of Chapter 1 of Raid of the Ratskull Rodents


Books by James Steptowe

If you’re aged 7-11 and like adventure and mystery stories that involve courageous cats, revolting rats and gullible guinea pigs, all within a book that is going to keep you hooked, but challenge your reading, then Raid of the Ratskull Rodents is the book for you.


Raid of the Ratskull Rodents

When Gus the cat finds out his beloved owner has had something very sacred of his go missing, Gus smells foul play and is ready to investigate. What Gus isn’t quite prepared for is just how difficult and downright dangerous it will be to get it back… 

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