Claire Fayers

Claire Fayers

I write books for children and I love mashing up myths, legends and fairy tales to create new stories.
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Adventure, Fairy tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Humour, Legend, Mystery, Mythology, Science fiction

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  • Waterstones Book of the Month
  • Shortlisted for FCBG Children's Book Award
  • Winner of Tir na n'Og award
  • Nominated for Carnegie Medal



I fell in love with mythology when, aged nine, I stumbled across a book of Greek myth in my local library. I all-but wore the book out with reading it and it eventually had to be prised out my hands. It's no surprise, then, that when I started writing, I jumped joyfully into the many worlds of legend. My books are a mash-up of mismatched myths, shot through with humour and held together by a love of story.

I love visiting schools and libraries to mix up new stories. My visits are fun and highly interactive, using props, costumes and storytelling games. I'm based in South Wales, but I am happy to travel anywhere. If an in-person visit isn't possible, I can visit virtually via the wonders of modern technology.

All-Age Talks

What's it like being an author? How do you write a book and get it published? Find out where stories come from and how books are made.

Writing Workshops

Here are my three most popular workshops. I can also create bespoke workshops using a variety of writing and storytelling games to get ideas flowing.

Heroes and Villains: Learn how to create characters who will leap off the page. Use your characters' flaws and problems to create story ideas and pit heroes against villains in epic battles.

Imaginary Worlds: Create your own island, complete with map. Fill it with fabulous creatures and deadly perils for your heroes to explore.

Write your own fairy tale: Having trouble with your beginnings, middles and ends? Learn how to use the characters and plots of well-known fairy tales to write your own original stories.

Talks and Workshops for Adults

Want to know how the publishing industry works, or need some help polishing up your story? I can offer anything from single 1 hour talks to a full weekend of workshops.

Virtual Visits

With modern technology, you're never far from an author. I can do a fifteen minute Q&A, or a longer session including a talk, some creative writing prompts and a lightning-fast guide to the world of publishing.


"The children really enjoyed your visit. They were so excited to meet you. Some of my class have brought in books yesterday and today from home to read. I know you have really inspired them. Once again many thanks for coming into school. It was an amazing experience." Penygarn School, Pontypool.

"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day. The feedback I have had from my colleagues has all been absolutely glowing and the children haven’t stopped talking about what a fantastic time they had." Blackheath Prep School, London.



Books by Claire Fayers

The Accidental Pirates, Voyage to Magical North

The Accidental Pirates, Voyage to Magical North

Brine Seaborne is a girl with a past – if only she could remember what it is. Found alone in a rowboat, clutching a shard of the rare starshell used for spell-casting, she’s been keeping house for an irritable magician and his obnoxious apprentice, Peter, ever since. When Brine and Peter get themselves into a load of trouble and flee, they blunder into the path of the legendary pirate ship, Onion. Before you can say “pieces of eight” they’re up to their necks in the pirates’ quest to find Magical North, a place so shrouded in secrets and myth that most people don’t even think it exists. If Brine is lucky, she’ll finally find out who she is. And if she’s unlucky, everyone on the ship will be eaten by sea monsters. It could really go either way. 
The Accidental Pirates, Journey to Dragon Island

The Accidental Pirates, Journey to Dragon Island

Since accidentally joining the crew of pirate ship the Onion, the lives of twelve-year-old Brine Seaborne, her magician friend Peter and former-librarian Tom have been turned upside down. Having battled the world’s most evil magician, Marfak West, fought off sea monsters and found Magical North, they thought they were prepared for whatever the eight oceans could throw at them … until they hatched the world’s last-known dragon. Desperate to find a family for their fire-breathing friend and hoping to unravel the secrets of Brine’s mysterious past, the Onion and her crew sail into uncharted territory. Their aim, to find the legendary Western Island and its floating castle, where – legend has it – there be dragons… 
Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic

When twelve-year-old Ava and her brother return to their birthplace of Wyse, they discovers that their once magical town has been losing its charms under the control of Lord Skinner. Uncovering a working magic mirror, Ava opens an unauthorized link to the twinned town of Unwyse, where she meets Howell, one of the unlucky Fair Folk who is being pursued by the terrifying Mr Bones. Discovering that they are the joint guardians of a grumpy old book that can tell the future, the new friends are unexpectedly launched headlong into an adventure to uncover the mysterious link between Mr Bones and Lord Skinner, and to find out what’s happening to the waning magic that connects their two worlds. 
Storm Hound

Storm Hound

Myth becomes reality in the unlikeliest of places in the fast-paced and funny Storm Hound, winner of the Tir na n-Og award. Storm of Odin is the youngest stormhound of the Wild Hunt that haunts lightning-filled skies. He has longed for the time when he will be able to join his brothers and sisters but on his very first hunt he finds he can't keep up and falls to earth, landing in the small, Welsh town of Abergavenny.  
Welsh Fairy Tales Myths and Legends

Welsh Fairy Tales Myths and Legends

From magical Welsh dragons that destroy a castle night after night, to a princess made out of flowers and a fairy changeling bother; from loyal hunting hound Gelert, to a boy who asks questions and goes on to become the greatest Welsh bard ever known... This book includes traditional favourites and classic myths and legends from Welsh folklore. 


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Claire Fayers - first image
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