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Age 7 to 11, Age 11 to 14, Adult


Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Humour, Mystery

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Fiction 8-13


  • Shortlisted for FCBG Children's Book Award 2017
  • Beano Book of the Year 2017


  • Society of Authors
  • Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators


I live in Cardiff and I am able to visit schools all over the UK. I teach creative writing workshops to all ages and I have spoken to multi-school groups of 300-400 children at a time. I have appeared at festivals, including Bath, Cheltenham and Cardiff. I prefer to come into a school for a full day, although I will do half days, and I will pack in as much as possible during my time with you. A typical day will consist of an all-age assembly talk followed by four classroom workshops.

"The children really enjoyed your visit. They were so excited to meet you. Some of my class have brought in books yesterday and today from home to read. I know you have really inspired them. Once again many thanks for coming into school. It was an amazing experience." Penygarn School, Pontypool.

"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day. The feedback I have had from my colleagues has all been absolutely glowing and the children haven’t stopped talking about what a fantastic time they had." Blackheath Prep School, London.


All Age Author Talk

When I was a child, I never dreamed that I'd become an author. I talk about why, what made me change my mind, and how I learned to write stories using the three basic elements of people, places and props. We play a few games to get the children thinking up their own story ideas and end with a question time.


My tailor-made workshops are suitable for KS2 and above. I offer 60-90 minute workshops on character creation, settings, and writing newsletters. All my workshops are highly interactive with group and individual work.

Heroes and Villains (character creation) - Starting with favourite fictional characters, I talk about what makes a memorable character and how to create characters by asking a few simple questions. The children split into groups to create their own characters, then write and perform short pieces.

Fantastical Settings - My books are set in a variety of different places from fantasy worlds to modern day Wales. We discuss different settings and how setting can affect plot and then I talk about how to describe a setting using the five senses. The children design their own fantastical island and then write a descriptive piece (great for getting them to think about adjectives, similes etc)

Write a Newsletter - My third book, Mirror Magic, has its own town newspaper. In this workshop I talk about some of the different types of creative writing used in newsletters and newspapers: adverts, letters, articles and reviews. The children then work in groups to write their own newsletters.


I can put together a selection of fun writing games and exercises to create bespoke workshops and teaching days. I have taught full-day writing clubs for children, and I have written material for multi-day holiday clubs. 

My fees are in line with Literature Wales guidelines. 

Books by Claire Fayers

I write fantasy adventures with a dash of humour for the 7-12 age group. The Accidental Pirates series and Mirror Magic are published by Macmillan's Children's Books, and my fourth book, Storm Hound, will be published in February 2019.

The Accidental Pirates, Voyage to Magical North

The Accidental Pirates, Voyage to Magical North

A swashbuckling tale of pirates, magic, and the power of stories 
The Accidental Pirates, Journey to Dragon Island

The Accidental Pirates, Journey to Dragon Island

Pirates and magicians. Dragons and dinosaurs. Big spiders and, for good measure, a pesky ghost. Anchors aweigh! 
Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic

A Victorian mystery with magic mirrors! Welcome to Wyse, the only town left in Britain with a connection to the magical Unworld. When 12-year-old Ava meets Howell on the other side of a mirror, the two are quickly drawn into a mystery to discover why the enchantments that link their towns are disappearing. But it's hard to distinguish between friends and enemies when magic is involved and Ava and Howell soon learn that it can be very unwise to mess with mirrors...