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A lifelong love of stories, from Greek Mythology to present day, I have collected stories told, passed on orally from all over the world. In 1988 I studied Homer Poetry and Society, later spending a day with trainee nursery nurses, presenting a talk on the importance of storytelling.  In 2018 following the publication of Thomas P Nutt's After School  Secrets, I visited Newton Abbot Library, taking part in their Halloween Day event, reading to children, signing gift copies of soft back editions and gifting  hardcover copies to the winners of the fancy dress competition. Last summer, I was invited to attend the Buckfast Abbey Children's Book Festival which was hugely enjoyable and successful. I am looking forward to World Book Day at Broadhempston Primary School. I hope my stories will raise awareness of ongoing  conflict in the English countryside and the importance of conserving woodland for our environment and wildlife.for future generations.  Grindleford Jack (The Milk Horse) is a story told to me in 2010 about how an entire village at the onset of WW1 conspired to save the milk horseJack being taken to aid the war effort in 1914.. Jack's hoof sits on her mantelpiece, preserved Iin glass.. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in booking me for a visit to your school. I am able to visit schools in North Surrey and London.


Recent  School  Visit

"Thank you again Coral making our world book day more interesting.  The children had a great day and enjoyed writing their stories" (Broadhempston  Primary School, Devon).

Books by Coral Imber

I have written four storybooks to date.

Truffles and Shenanigans

Into the woods ...Spindlebum the fox is hunted by the Motley Hunt led by villainous Godfrey Butterwort and the hounds are closing in. The Midval Hunt Saboteurs confuse the hounds just in time but deeper into the wood the ladies of Badger Patrol are too late to save Colin the badger who has been shot by Nick O'Nally. Meanwhile local residents are blocking the developers' bulldozers from clearing the meadow for another superstore. Police constables Spruce, Alder and Buckthorne arrest the ladies of badger patrol leaving Violet's pet pig Primrose lost in the wood. Then Primrose picks up the scent of something rare, delicious and wonderful ..... 
Thomas P Nutt's After School Secrets

Thomas P Nutt's After School Secrets

While walking his dog, Sam, in White Willow Wood after school, Thomas P Nutt makes a wish and finds something so big, it becomes impossible to keep it a secret. First his best friend Toby, then alternative teacher Mr Hall and the entire class are drawn into the secret of the giant truffle and must find a way to save a very special owl from the Hounds of the Motley Hunt.  
The Extraordinary  Escapades of Thomas P Nutt (books 3-7)

The Extraordinary Escapades of Thomas P Nutt (books 3-7)

Follow Thomas P Nutt on an adventure to save White Willow Wood. The auction and theft of the world's largest truffle, a mysterious man from nowhere, Clara the Witch, saving Violet's pet pig, Primrose, the disappearance of Godfrey Butterwort and Storm Dennis. 
Grindleford Jack (The Milk Horse)

Grindleford Jack (The Milk Horse)

Based on a true 1914 in Grindleford, Derbeyshire, the villagers hide their precious milk horse, Jack from Major Brumby and men who scour the countryside for horses suitable for the war front. Ruthless Major Brumby moves closer to finding Jack but hasn't prepared for young Gracie Coopper's determination and daring. Villagers' trick the small unit at every turn while Gracie and Jack hide in a dark place. As Major Brumby and his men draw near, the village takes drastic action. 


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