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Unexpected Answers

Unexpected Answers

It would be so easy to say that Halford Rivers and Annie Davies fell in love and decided they couldn't live without each other. But real life isn't that simple. The couple did fall in love, helplessly in love and though they fought it tooth and nail they had moments of heart-rending decisions. Their final decision caused scandal. Their families suffered the consequences. Bill and Mary Hard are a hard-working couple with three children. Suffering from Alopecia, Bill needs constant reassurance from Mary. She holds the family together as they struggle financially. When illness and tragedy strike, Mary is convinced she is being punished for her sins but the couple take their guilty secret to the grave. Veronica and Doreen are intrigued by the mystery of their parents’ early lives and visit a house where they know their mother had lived as a child. A year later, another family arrives at the house asking the same questions and giving similar information. They must be related in some way but the family went away without leaving a name or address. How were the sisters going to make contact?  
Linked Evermore

Linked Evermore

In 1881, MARY BOND and her husband JOHN travelled with their two young boys to America to seek their fortune. Having been disinherited and thrown out of the family piano-forte business in Liverpool by his father, John must now seek other employment. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and the young father leaves Mary to cope alone in their cold apartment in Chicago. She turns to what she knows best and secures a place singing with an opera company. Along the way, travelling across the states of America, she takes the stage-name of WILFRIDA and meets fellow Englishman HENRY FAIRWEATHER, another musician seeking a better life. They set up in business together, combining their talents to form The Fairweather Opera Company. As they work and travel together their relationship grows, but unbeknown to Wilfrida, Henry has a secret he keeps tight in his heart. Mary tells us her story, revealing her own secrets. Her life is full of music, joy and laughter but with more than a touch of anger, sadness, betrayal and broken promises. LINKED EVERMORE is inspired by the lives of real people with a bucket full of poetic licence.