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First, thanks for taking the time to have a better look at me! As a teacher myself, I know your time is precious so I'll keep this short and succinct. 


We've all taught children who don't know where to start, my creative writing sessions give them the tips and tools to help remove that barrier and re-engage them with the writing process. This satisfaction of seeing children fall in love with reading and writing is what drives me, and all of us, as teachers and librarians. 

As an experienced teacher of nearly a decade, my sessions are engaging and well-structured with clear outcomes that can, if required, be tailored to your specific needs. Creative writing sessions provide a great opportunity for reluctant or struggling writers to realise that they can create amazing ideas independently. Feedback from these visits is always positive with teachers reporting that their children have taken their story ideas home and written them as full pieces of work. As a use of pupil premium funding, one of my smaller group sessions would be the perfect way to re-engage disaffected or disadvantaged learners and increase confidence and self-belief. 

My choose-your-own-adventure book, The Magic Knight, serves as a great basis for discussing this exciting genre and is very popular with reluctant readers, particularly boys. It also forms the foundation for my story structure sessions that look at how authors direct the narrative in their stories.

Tig You're It is a brilliantly funny (I have confirmation of this from lots of children, it's not just my biased opinion!) book of poetry that will resonate with both teachers and children alike. Poetry sessions with myself can take many forms and be tied in with any topic area. For more information, it's best to get in touch as these sessions can be very varied - taking on the form of drama, performance or written poetry, or even a mix of the three - and are best tailored to your specific needs.

If you book a visit early enough, any of these sessions can be fully adapted to tie in with your curriculum, from Aztecs to the space race. There's no need to fight the crowds for a visit around World Book Day to ignite a life-long love of reading and writing!

Alongside all of this, I offer CPD sessions for teachers (discounts are available if booked at the same time as a children's session) based around creative writing and how to give children the tools to get over their writer's block. 

Visit Costs

Creative writing, poetry and choose-your-own-adventure sessions are priced:

£300 for full-day bookings including a 20-minute whole-school assembly.

£175 for half-day bookings (£25 extra for a 20-minute whole-school assembly).

I offer a competitive cash-back scheme on any books sold as part of the visit. By promoting the event to your children and parents, this can be a great way to not only get amazing books into the hands of your children but to also fund a significant part of the visit cost. Contact me for more information on this scheme. 

CPD costs are available on request.

Travel costs within Leicestershire are free but can be discussed for the rest of the country. 

Book Reviews

"This was a really fun read and I can imagine it being a story that is loved and read over and over - it certainly has some brilliant quirky characters!" - Donna's Book Blog

"I wish more books like this had been around when I was a child, it would have made reading even better and more imaginative. A character like Trixie would have been a great read as a child and was also a very cute and loving character to read as an adult." - Belle and the Novel

"From a parents point of view I liked that the book showed that we can all be different but all feel the same when we are left out, made fun of or are bullied." - Orchard Book Club's Mini Reviewers

"[My daughter] read it through in one evening and there was complete joy and laughter that could be heard through the ceiling to my office below. She loved the story." - Girl Who Sciences

"What a brilliant, funny children’s story this turned out to be! ... I have no hesitation in highly recommending it as a fun read for children and the young at heart, too, and teachers should definitely check it out!" - Splashes Into Books

"I read this book to my six year old son and he was enamoured with it right from the very first page. I sometimes struggle to get him to engage with a story, especially a longer book like this, but he was absolutely gripped and begged me to read more every night!" - Amazon Review

Books by Matt Beighton

In total, I currently have six books published; however, the fourth book in the Monstacademy series is due for publication in late 2019. All of the Monstacademy books are available in both standard and dyslexia adapted format. The silly humour is very popular with children aged 6-10 and they have been used in classrooms both in the UK and abroad. The Magic Knight is a great introduction to "choose your own adventure" gamebooks and sits perfectly alongside the two narrative titles in this series. My sessions based around this book are very engaging and lead to excellent discussion about how a story can change based on the decisions an author makes throughout the writing process. The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree starts the Shadowland Chronicles and is an epic fantasy series aimed at fans of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit and other classic fantasy. Tig You're It is a hilarious book of poems that will resonate with both teachers and children alike.


The Halloween Parade

Joining a new school is hard enough, it’s even harder when your new school is full of monsters. Literally! On her first day at Monstacademy, Trixie Grimble soon realises that she’s going to have to adjust to her new classmates quickly. It doesn’t help that she’s been given an incredibly important job for the upcoming Halloween Parade and that her only friends are a cursed werewolf and a vegetarian vampire. When one of the boys in her class cooks up a fiendish plan that puts everything at risk, Trixie and her friends find themselves in a race against time to finish their work and save the day. If only they could get anybody to believe them! Fans of Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch and Hotel Transylvania will adore the silly humour and loveable characters in this delightful modern classic chapter book series. 

The Egyptian Treasure

Summer’s over for Trixie Grimble and her friends and that can only mean one thing. Mayhem! When the Ankhstone is stolen, everyone is a suspect and it’s up to Trixie, Gloria and Colin to find out who the true culprit is before the terrible mind-control powers of the ancient curse are unleashed on Monstacademy. Can Gloria overcome her crush in time to help Trixie and Colin wrap up the case? 

The Magic Knight

A magical suit of armour has gone missing in suspicious circumstances and there’s only one person who can help to solve the mystery. You! With nearly 20 different endings, exploding fart potions, freezing spells and plenty of other silly twists and turns, The Magic Knight is a fantastic adventure that puts you in control of the action. You choose the story by making decisions and following your instincts. But be warned, not all endings are happy! By controlling the decisions your character makes, only you can solve the mystery of the Magic Knight! Roll the dice and control the action as you become the hero of your very own Monstacademy adventure! 

The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree

There’s only one way to return home: Kill the Queen Skye Thistle doesn’t believe in goblins. The problem is, they believe in her... And she'd better start believing soon; a dark shadow is rising in the south and it’s not long before she’s thrust into the middle of a war and an ancient prophecy. The choice is simple: kill the queen and go home...or give in to the darkness. Dive headfirst into the Shadowland Chronicles in an exciting tale that merges magic, adventure and a search for strength and acceptance. Can a human be the saviour in a goblin war? 

The Shadowed Eye

The war isn't over. Do not make the same mistakes I did... Those were the words her mother had left when Skye Thistle returned home to Earth from her adventures on the distant world of Ithilmir. If only it were that simple. Betrayal, rebellion and war have once again gripped Ithilmir and the source of dark magic has been found. In desperation, the armies of the world are grappling for power - light or dark. In Skye Thistle’s absence, an army of the dead has risen and a golden empire from across the sea is growing in power. Once again, she is called upon to fight. This time, she’s not alone. When the life of her best friend is weighed against that of the world, will Skye choose new friends or old? 

Tig You're It: And Other Poems From The Playground

Who are the lost souls in the playground? What should you do if you need to trump in class? Whatever happened to Sally Saloo? Find the answers to all of these and more in this hilarious collection of poems from the playground, suitable for children of all ages.