'9 Days of Piper Snow' Book Launch

Friday, 17 Nov 2023

Croydon Supplementary School

Daniella Blechner

9 Days of Piper Snow Book Launch

Pics from the event!


Join us for the exciting '9 Days of Piper Snow' Book Launch event! Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Piper Snow and Samara at the Croydon Supplementary Education Project.

'9 Days of Piper Snow' is a beautiful book inspired by a real-life white pigeon that has been mysteriously visiting, author Daniella Blechner, daily since she placed a photo of her late dad on the windowsill in May 2023!


About '9 Days of Piper Snow'

After the loss of her beloved dad, Samara forms the most unlikely friendship after discovering a surprise visitor on her windowsill. Piper, a beautiful white pigeon, has an important message for Samara but will he stay forever? This book is a wonderful book that explores friendship, grief and the beauty of happy memories.

🌟 Dive into the magical world of '9 Days of Piper Snow'! 🕊️ Join Samara as she forms an extraordinary bond with Piper, a mysterious white pigeon. A heart-warming tale of friendship, grief, and the power of cherished memories. 📖💖 Let Piper's story touch your heart and inspire your little ones.


image for the author event