How Contact an Author works

When you join Contact an Author, you go on our database of authors who are willing to be contacted for events such as talks, workshops, interviews, school-visits and commissions. You don't have to be available for everything – the choice is yours.

You have your own page on the site, and you have complete control of its content. That means you can change it as often as you like so it's always up to date.

Visitors to the site use the extensive search facility to locate the authors who best suit their needs and, if one of them is you, they contact you directly. All arrangements are made directly with you. We don't act as middle man on bookings and we don't take any commission. However much you earn via the site, you never pay more than the annual fee.

We also send out occasional newsletters featuring specific requests that are hard to satisfy through the standard search. So far these have included requests for authors willing to visit foreign countries, a search for an author who was also a dentist and a major bookseller trying to arrange author events at each of its many stores.

To make sure the site gets plenty of traffic, we promote Contact an Author extensively using the Google Adwords system and other advertising, both on and offline.

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Contact an Author is passionate about getting you the right bookings, and without taking commission.

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